Suamico Staff News

Week of November 4 - November 8

Ryan's Schedule This Week:

Monday (PACKERS / BEARS Game)

7:45 am - Meeting with teacher

8:45 am - PTO Planning

9:30 am - Digital Transformation Meeting (TLC)

11:00 am - Personal Goals Meeting with Dennis Krueger (DO)

1:30 pm - Meeting with TLC team (TLC)


7:40 am - PLC Guided Reading Study (Library)

9:00 am - Ryan / Amy Collaboration

12:00 pm - Meeting with Tony Ebeling (SU)

3:30 pm - Technology Training with Molly / Lisa

Wednesday - 4th Grade WKCE Testing

I will be at a Wisconsin PALS Symposium in Madison all day

Thursday - 4th Grade WKCE Testing

Panther Pride Day - Wear Panther Clothing!

7:45 am - BLT Meeting (Conference Room)

9:00 am - Picture Re-Take Day

9:15 am - Elementary Principal Meeting (HO)

Friday - 4th Grade WKCE Testing

End of 1st Quarter

7:45 am - Transformers Technology Meeting (Conference Room)

9:30 am - SRT District Team Meeting (SU)

1:00 pm - Lean Steering Team Meeting (LV)

PM Bus Duty

11/4 to 11/8 - White

11/11 to 11/15 - Prien

11/18 to 11/22 - Ehmke

Pledge Schedule

Upcoming Pledge Schedule

11/4 to 11/8 - Werlein

11/11 to 11/15 - Hallam

11/18 to 11/22 - Hanson

Blue Ribbon News

I received a proclamation from Governor Scott Walker recognizing our Blue Ribbon Award. I also received a certificate from State Superintendent Tony Evers.

Click here to see the proclamation from Governor Walker.

Click here to see the certificate from Superintendent Evers.

Building Capacity

Related to our initiatives - Guided Reading and Using Technology to Enhance Learning - what are you doing to help build the capacity of others? In this era, it is important that we work together to better understand tools / skills and that we build the capacity of those around us. Try new things...THEN SHARE! Helping one another will ensure continued success!

I often hear that people are feeling "overwhelmed" (me, too, by the way). The best way to overcome that feeling is to work with others to build capacity. You certainly don't need to know it all or do it all, but instead should take some time each week to learn from others.

Related to technology, all of our remaining staff meetings this year will have a strong technology focus. All of you have an obligation to engage heavily in this focus AND to apply those skills once you leave the meeting. Keep in mind that a staff meeting focus on technology should only help to provide a small spark for bigger work that will come from it. Melanie Nyquist, April White, Lynn Bortz, Amy LaRonge and Lani Novak (and I) can all provide support as needed!

Finally, I am proud of the effort that has been put into these two initiatives this year by some staff members. There has been a true commitment by some to work hard at these. In all honesty, other staff members have engaged very little in these initiatives. This our direction and you are all expected to be engaged. Again, build the capacity of those around you AND/OR ask for help to build your own capacity.

Educator Effectiveness

A few notes:

1) Student surveys should be given some time soon (if you haven't already). Then, you should be filling out the Survey Growth Plan in Oasys and submitting it to me. You can hit "Submit" when you finish the growth plan because it is for your growth purposes and doesn't need to be manipulated by me.

2) I am planning to make a more concentrated effort to be in classrooms for informal walkthroughs and other observations in the next several weeks. I will have my MacBook with me and will provide you feedback as soon as possible thereafter. Please continue what you are doing when I enter the room. Thanks!