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Lakeridge Middle School Forecasting Worksheet

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February 24, 2021

Time to Forecast for Lakeridge Middle School!

What a delight it's been to connect with you and your kids during February!

Future sixth graders have met or will soon meet with their school counselor during visits to classrooms this week (the final few visits happen tomorrow and Friday). Now, it's time to make some choices for the year ahead.

Kids will log in with their school accounts to complete the forecasting worksheet using the button below. We recommend that students do this with their family so that everyone understands the exciting choices kids are making about their schedules. Forecasting forms are due from all students by March 2nd at midnight.

Students automatically receive an email confirmation of their choices. Families will also be sent a copy of students' form responses after we have processed the requests.

What action do I need to take?

1. Students need to click the link button below and log in with their student account.

2. Students need to fill out the form completely and press submit.

3. Students will automatically receive an email confirming their choices.

4. Families will receive a separate confirmation email notifying them of the student selections.

Fill out the forecasting worksheet here!

1. Click the link above to visit the form. 2. Use student log in credentials to access the form. 3. Complete and submit the form.

What do I do if I have questions or need more help?

Welcome to Lakeridge Middle School

Want a refresher on your options for 6th grade? Rewatch our Welcome Playlist. Families with questions are welcome to attend one of our optional Q&A sessions with Ms. Watts and Dr. Schultz on February 25th at either 12:30 or 6:30PM.

If you’d like to return to any of the segments in above playlist, we've embedded them below this message and here are direct links to each message as well:

  1. Welcome from your principal, Dr. Schultz

  2. Information from your counselor, Ms. Watts

  3. Music program info from our stellar music team

  4. Spanish immersion info from Maestras Pena y Petrides

Welcome to the Lakeridge Middle School community where our mission is to be a nurturing and safe learning community that embraces the uniqueness of middle school and supports everyone as thoughtful, contributing learners and citizens.

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