Library Workshops

Summer 2015

Things are changing...

School libraries are in flux. More and more districts view librarians as non-essential staff as budgets get tighter and tighter. Why do we need certified librarians when we have the internet? Schools need librarians more than ever because of the internet! Who else will teach digital citizenship, information literacy, and college readiness?

These workshops are designed to help librarians rethink their roles and prepare for library work in the 21st century.

Workshop Topics

Digital Tools for the 21st Century Library

A librarian's job is never done! There are books to be bought, classes to be taught, and research to be undertaken. How can you find time to do everything? The key is to work smarter, not harder by using as many digital tools to automate services as possible. Selecting books, scheduling classes, collaborating with peers, and sharing information are just a few things tools like Google, Social Media communities, and websites can help a librarian do more effectively and efficiently.

MakerSpace in Your Library

Joyce Valenza asks, "Is your library a grocery store or a kitchen?" Do students just shop for knowledge and then take it out with them? Or do they stay in your library and cook up new things? The MakerSpace is a great step in creating, tinkering, and making to support STEAM in your valuable instructional space. This workshop is designed for teachers and librarians who are interested in learning what a MakerSpace is, how they can create one, and get an opportunity for some tinkering of their own.

Project Based Learning*

Students are bored with worksheets and tests. They want to gain knowledge that really matters. Project Based Learning, or PBL, is a dynamic learning model where learning is based on a driving question, skills are taught through workshops, and the students present their final product for sharing with peers and community members. Technology and research is embedded into this learning model to better facilitate real world skills and application. This workshop is for administrators, teachers, and librarians interested in seeing real learning happen in their schools.

*This workshop could be a one-day overview or two-three day session that allows participants to experience PBL as a learner.

Librarian: The Research Superhero

In the 21st Century, we have replaced quality research with Google and the library with the computer lab. This trend is not preparing our students for the rigorous demands of research in higher education. What is the librarian to do? It is time to put on your cape and be the research superhero you were trained to be! This workshop is designed to review basic research strategies like Big 6/Super 3 and IIM, discuss information literacy and searching, and highlight technology resources to help students along the way. Both teachers and librarians can benefit from this training as teaching research is always a collaborative effort.

Librarian Forum

In many schools, librarians are lone rangers. In some districts, librarians are lone rangers. Being a part of a dynamic community is vital for growth and development. Come join this discussion of librarians as we express concerns, solve problems, and create new ideas. Bring your list of talking points and join the conversation.

Jennifer Shafer

After eight years in the classroom teaching Speech, Theatre Arts, and English, Jennifer embarked on a new career in the school library. Always interested in technology as a teacher, increasing the use of technology in the classroom and school library was her ultimate goal. Jennifer works with other school librarians and teachers to help them improve their programs and better engage today's students. Having presented on the Regional, State, National and International levels, her passion for education technology makes her excited to share her enthusiasm with other stakeholders in preparing students for the future. Jennifer is currently The Unicorn Librarian at New Braunfels High School and Ninth Grade Center which are both 1-to-1 iPad schools.