What's New in C2

Think ~ Innovate ~ Create

A great week at PRS

A few highlights from this week...

* Mrs. Lang was named Pike Road Schools principal. Congratulations!

* C2 took our field trip to Wadsworth Christmas Tree farm. We hiked, investigated, cut a tree, rode a North Pole wagon, snacked, and learned so much! Thank you so much to our chaperones who gladly gave of their time to join us on this learning expedition. We now have beautiful juniper trees gracing the C2 learning spaces.

* Monday night, the PTSA hosted the "PRS Express." There were so many fun games and activities. The children (and adults) had a blast! Thank you all for making this such a fun and festive night!

*Wednesday morning, Cross stitch productions came to put on a puppet performance.

*Learners have been counting down the days until Winter Break. Just five short days until we say goodbye until 2016.

C2 in Action

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C2 Puppet Performance

Cross Stitch Productions came and put on a puppet show that was entertaining as well as informing. At the conclusion of the show, students had the opportunity to ask questions about various kinds of puppets, the design process, as well as the mechanics behind these incredible puppets.

Mark Your Calendar!

Tuesday, Dec. 15: C2 POP (Pursue Our Passions)

Wednesday, Dec. 16: Christmas Luncheon served in the Cafeteria, last day to send in canned foods

Friday, Dec. 18: Class Parties/Last day of school

Tuesday, Jan. 5: Learners return to school

Tuesday, Jan. 12: PTSA Board Meeting

Monday, Jan. 18: No School - MLK, Jr. Holiday

C2 Says Goodbye to 2015

On Friday, December 18, C2 will have a community-wide meeting and will be hosting a special visitor! Learners are allowed to come to school in their pajamas (regular shoes, please) as long as they are school-appropriate.
Class Celebrations

Davis, Housley, Alexander: 10:30-11:15

Steindorff, Waldrop, Franklin: 12:30-1:15

C6 Canned Food Project

Donations of canned food items are being accepted by Community 6. They are working on a project to build structures with the cans and determining how much space they take up. Afterwards, the cans will be donated to a local food bank. The last day for can collecting will be December 16.

A Little Bit About Our Learning

  • RI 2.2: Main idea and details of story or passage
  • W 2.2: Informative and explanatory writing
  • L 2.1: Sentence structure
  • L 2.1d: Irregular Verbs


  • 2.NBT.7: Addition and subtraction with regrouping to 1000
  • 2.NBT.8: Mentally add and subtract 10 and 100 from any number 0-1000
  • 2.OA.1: Word Problems (one and two-step with addition/subtraction to 100)


  • 2.OA.4: Use addition to find objects in rectangular arrays with up to 5 columns and up to 5 rows. Write an equation to express the total sum of equal addends.
  • 2.OA.2: Arrays (addition and multiplication)
  • Measurement


"Ecosystems" subsection

  • 2.5: Plan and carry out an investigation to determine the growth needs of plants
  • 2.6: Design and construct models to simulate how animals disperse seeds or pollinate plants
  • 2.7: Obtain information from literature and other media to illustrate that there are many different kinds of living things and that they exist in different places on land and in water

Weekly Wonderings around C2

Things Miss Alexander's learners want to know...

We have started our research projects "Christmas Around the World." We have answered so many questions we wondered about, and now we are going to start presenting this information using our informative writing.

We start to investigate other questions learners asked like:

"How was land formed?"

"Why are there 7 seas?"

"What is the most poisonous bug?"

Ask you learner to discuss some of the questions we have answered so far.

Things Mrs. Davis' learners want to know...

This week, we've studied the growth of a bean plant and also the different types of castles along with materials used to build castles.

Questions asked:

"Why are the beans in the dark growing better than the beans in the sunlight?"

"Who built the castles?"

"Why aren't castles built anymore?"

Ask your child what else they want to know about these topics and more!

Things Mrs. Housley's learners want to know...

Things the "Franklop" learners want to know... (Franklin's and Waldrop's)

As we continue to construct our knowledge on the changes in the trees around us our learners continue to design and plan their Wonder Bubbles based on their key question. Here are some things they wonder:

"Why do leaves change color?"

"How does a seed grow into a tree?"

"Why do trees have branches?"

"How do trees lose their leaves and grow them back?"

"How does a tree take in carbon dioxide and change it to oxygen?"

"Why do pine trees have pine needles instead of leaves?"

Things Mrs. Steindorff's learners want to know...

Continuing our study of Christmas trees...

"What do you do with Christmas trees after Christmas is over?"

"How long will our popcorn on our popcorn garland stay fresh?"

"Will our cinnamon ornaments keep their scent for next Christmas?"

Have You Checked Fresh Grade Lately?

As we near the end of our first semester, lead learners are working diligently to update your child's portfolio on Fresh Grade. We have been working with the learners to complete midyear "check-ups" on assessments given to them at the beginning of the year. We want you to see how much your child is thriving in 2nd grade! We've also found that viewing Fresh Grade on a computer may be able to offer a better view than using a mobile device.
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