A warrior

Victorio: A Native Warior


He was a Native American Chiricahua Apache chief. He was lived in the 1800's. They had called him by the name of Beduiat Bidu-ya.he lived in the United States in New Mexico,Texas,and Arizona as an adult he lived in Mexico. He was known as a cheif and warrior by the U.S.

Victorio's War

Victorio fought in a war in 1870. He was the leader and he led them to fight. The war lasted about 10 years. They called this Victorios War. He fought against the U.S. Army in this battle he fought with other Native Americans. The war was fought over reservationsthis war led up to another battle near the Almo. he had captured many Americans.

Later Years

during the war he had fought many African Americans and Mexican soldiers. Then after Victorio's war in 1880 Victorio and his freinds were moving down to Rio Grande where he was found by Mexican soldiers and he had killed himself because he did not want to be taken alive.

Time Line

1825: Victorio was born

1837: He joined the Chiricahua Apache tribe

1850: Victorio engaged in raids in mexico with Nana and Geronimo

1853: He became the chief of the tribe and was wanted in the U.S.

1862: Joined with other chiefs and to items from coal mines

1869: He made a band with his friends and he took care of them

1870: Started Victorio's War with the U.S.

1877: U.S. took there land and made Victorio furious

1880: The war ended then he later killed hiself

by stan