December 12th-December 16th, 2022

Weekly News in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Champs

Happy December! Thank you so much for taking the time to read our Newsletter. There is a lot of important information. We have included a copy of our Kindergarten daily schedule and the December special schedule. Looking forward to seeing some of you at our Holiday Party!

If you have any questions, concerns, please reach out to your teacher.


Your Prestwick Kindergarten Team

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Holiday Party

We are really excited for a Grinch-tastic holiday party! Our party will be from 10:00-11:00 in the Kindergarten rooms. Parents are welcome to join in the fun! You will need to check in the office first and get a volunteer pass. You are also welcome to take your child home after the party in over.
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What is your child learning this week?

Phonics: This week we are wrapping up Unit 6. In phonics this week students will be blending onset and rhyme into words, Isolating initial sounds, blending phonemes into words and blending, segmenting, deleting syllables; segmenting, adding, blending, deleting, changing, isolating, phonemes. In spelling students will be learning how to build and spell words with w and j. In fluency we are working on phrasing. Our vocab lesson will be wrapping up learning about shades of meaning of given words. Lastly, students will learn four more new sight words: had, be, do, ten.

Reading: This week the students will be learning about Fairy Tales and reading two stories- Jack and the Hungry Giant and The Gingerbread Man. The students will enjoy using graphic organizers for retelling the story and searching for story elements. These skills will help improve their reading comprehension and skills. To end our unit the students will be going on a scavenger hunt through the school and reading clues to find the Gingerbread Man. It will be quite the adventure!

Writing- In writing students will be putting themselves in the shoes of our class elves! Students will write about what they would do if they were an elf. This creative writing piece will allow students to practice their writing skills while also being imaginative before the holidays.

Math-In math we are beginning our new unit and exploring numbers 1-100. Please continue to practice writing numbers and counting at home.

Social studies-Students will be learning about holidays around the world! Students will pack up their suitcase, prepare their passport, and get ready to travel to Mexico, America, England and India. We will get a chance to see what makes a tradition and how others celebrate differently than us. We encourage parents to reach out and provide us with any traditions they may do during the holiday season. Students should walk away with an appreciation for diversity and an understanding of differences around the world.

Science: Students will be wrapping up their Objects/Patterns in the sky Unit. This week students will learn all about the Sun and Moon and create a visual representation to help them remember what facts they learned about each object. Students will be assessed on drawing a detailed picture of both a day and night time scene with items/activities that can be found in each. When we return from Christmas Break students will begin the new unit where we will be learning about seasons and how they occur.


  • .Reminder about transportation changes time call the office @ 972.947.9450 by 2:00pm

  • As the weather gets cooler, please make sure your child has the appropriate warmer clothes in their backpack.

  • Having Lunch with Your Child-We have been asked to remind y'all that if you come have lunch with your child, the high tops at the back of the cafeteria or the picnic tables outside are the designated spots for y'all to eat together! You can only eat lunch with your child, they can't invite anyone else to eat with you. Enjoy your time together!

  • Please bring library books back on designated days: Alter- Thursdays, Bounkhong- Tuesdays, Fillebrown- Mondays, Rushing- Wednesdays
  • Girls- Please wear shorts under your dress/skirts.
  • Please wear tennis shoes on your PE days.
  • Please SIGN and have your child return their daily folder every day. Also, it's important to bring water bottles and snack everyday. NO JUICE PLEASE!!
  • Don't forget to bring guided reading book bags everyday once your child receives them.
  • Please read 15 minutes every night with them.
  • Please check and clear their take home folder every night.
  • Please make sure that your kiddos are wearing their athletic shoes (or bringing them to change into) when their class is scheduled to go to PE. We want to keep everyone safe when they are participating in physical activities.

Important Dates:

Important Dates:

12/15 - Spirit Assembly (students and staff only)

12/15 - Winter Party (parents welcome)

12/15 Early Release & Last Day of Fall Semester

12/16 No School for Students/ Professional Learning Day for Staff

12/19 - 1/1 District Closed for Winter Break

1/2 & 1/3 No School for Students/ Professional Learning Days for Staff

1/4 First Day of Spring Semester

1/10 Kindergarten Performance-Carnival of the Animals-5:30 p.m.

1/16 Holiday - District Closed