industrial revolution


what was the industrial revolution ?

The industrial revolution was when people started to use machines instead of people and new inventions were made.

where did industrial revolution begin ?

Industrial revolution started In the USA and Canada
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washing machine

The washing machine was one of the inventions from the industrial revolution. it was invented by a man named Hans Rosling.

How where conditions in the industrial revolution?

the conditions where terrible!!! Men had to work for 12 hours or MORE a day!!! The men risked there health and there body's at work.

How did it affect life?

I say it made life worse than it probley was for some people, and the working men couldn't do anything about it because the mill owned the homes that the workers lived in here.

What was child labor

Child labor was when kids that could not afford to go to school. Kids at the age of 6 and up had to get up at very early times to go to work. The conditions were terrible, the little kids had to climb under the machines if something wasn't working right, but the owners of the mill left the machines ON!!!!