The Pawkeepers

Register your dog for future boarding needs.

Registration and consultations are so very important.

At The Pawkeepers all our fur guests are free range. No crates or kennels! As we have opened up our homes it is important that we know who is walking through our door and for you to know where your dog eats, sleeps and who are they playing with.

We ask that you register your dog online at Go to the online registration and you will receive a phone call or email offering you several dates for a consultation. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your dog to come visit and check out The Pawkeepers.

If you have boarded your dog at a vets or kennel, you hand over the leash and walk away. This is so confusing for your dog and they feel you have abandon them. Coming to The Pawkeepers for a visit you are telling your dog, you came with me and you will go home with me.

When you bring your dog for boarding they already know what to expect and are not anxious when you leave.