John Long Middle School

September 4, 2015

Writer's Worshop

All of our ELA classes have selected independent reading books and teachers have established guidelines for writer's workshop.

What I Need, WIN


One of our main focuses this year is Literacy First. What does this mean for JLMS? By extending the WIN minutes, we are able to have ALL students read in class on Tuesday and Thursday for 20 minutes to support the focus of reading. This week, I enjoyed seeing what books our students selected during their ELA block.

Falcon's Nest

This summer space was created for learning opportunities. One area in 6th grade is referred to as the Falcon's Nest. This room is between our two 6th grade ELA classrooms. This space has been equipped with tables and chairs, additional technology devices and additional staff support during classes. Students may be asked to report to the Falcon's Nest during their WIN time to receive accelerated instruction, intervention support or break out space for group work. We have also created additional learning spaces in 7th and 8th grade as well. Once our routines are established students will be flexibly grouped during WIN.

JLMS Dance

Friday, Sep. 18th, 7-9pm

John Long Middle School, Grafton, WI, United States

Grafton, WI

Cost is $5.