Genius Hour!

Our 2018 Genius Hour Questions!

  • What was the purpose of ninjas and were they illegal? - Dalton

  • What is the sun made of and why might it explode? - Jackson

  • How could we make the world a better place for reptiles? - Isaam

  • How did Neil Armstrong travel to the moon and why did they want to go to the moon so bad? - Sophia K

  • What is inside the International Space Station and how do people live in it? - Vishakha

  • Why do puppies eat less than older dogs? - Lily

  • Where did German Shepherds come from and how can you train them? - Sofia O

  • Why might puppies go in cages and how will you train them? - Kennedy

  • How do they engineer an Xbox? - Broden

  • How does the Earth move and where is it going? - Miguel

  • Why can't soccer players have metal cleats and when were they banned? - Tommy

  • Who came up with the idea of LEGOs and why did they? - Addie

  • How do red pandas exercise and communicate? - Layla

  • How is Christmas celebrated around the world? - Aaden

  • How do ferrets burrow and how might they get out of a collapsed burrow? - Carson

  • Why does an octopus have a beak and how much force do they need to have with their beaks? - Vyas

  • What is the history of Roblox and how are games made? - Avneet and Ella


Later this week or next, I will send out a project list. Please take a moment and look at the list. Part of this experience is for students to not only research and read about these topics, but to use human resources if possible. If you able to lend your expertise to one of our students, please click on the button below and fill out our form. Even if you know someone else! It will be up to the students to utilize these resources.

I am excited to share this opportunity with your child! I am sure we will need to tweak things along the way as we embark on this new adventure in 3rd grade.

Really?! We can research anything?!

Yes - within reason. We want to be mindful to the appropriateness of the research topic, so yes, somethings could be potentially vetoed. Also, I want to make sure they asking deep, thought-provoking questions. Their topics should not be answered in a quick google search or two. We are looking for YARD questions - not an inch or foot questions :)

Here are my three rules:

  1. Must be guided by a question (what, why, how)
  2. Must be researched (look into it deeply)
  3. Must be shared! (class, school or even the WORLD!)

How can I share my project?

It's up to the child! Here are a few ideas:

PowerPoint________Video________Diorama________ Model________ Book________Song

Puppet Show______Play ________Mobile________Blog________Weather Report ________Game Brochure ________Demonstration ________Website ________Terrarium

The ideas are endless!!