The fastest land animal on earth

Hunting Adaptations

You probably know the cheetah best for it's speed and agility, but how does it run so fast? Lets start with the four Ls: Long, Lean, Light, and Lanky. Cheetahs have to be light to run fast. Also, the long, bendable backbone lets it take longer strides. The longer the strides, the farther a cheetah can go in a shorter time. For their weight, cheetahs have one of the largest chests of all big cats. They have to have big lungs and heart to pump oxygen and blood to the rest of the body when it's running. Even with all the amazing adaptations cheetahs are sprinters and they cannot run for long distances. That's why when cheetahs run they run as fast as they can, because gazelles can run longer, but not faster than a cheetah.

Fun Fact

Did You Know?

Although the Peregrine Falcon (who's top speed is 200 mph) is faster than a Cheetah (who's top speed is 70 mph) it cannot beat it in a quarter mile race because before the falcon can stoop (also known as a falcon dive) it has to fly high enough, so when the falcon is trying to get high enough to dive the cheetah is sprinting at full speed.

Cheetah, Leopard, or Jaguar?

How do you tell the difference between the three frequently confused cats? The answer is simple: the spots. Most people get the spots confused, but it is really not hard. The Cheetah's pelt is spotted. The Leopard's coat has rings. The Jaguar's fur has rosettes.
This Is Why You Can't Outrun a Cheetah