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Latino Heritage Month 2020

At the beginning of our Faculty/ Staff meetings, each Faculty/Staff member shares their version of I Come From poems. One part of the poem asks the speaker to share sayings they heard growing up. Here are a couple of sayings that were shared:

Si Dios quiere- If God permits.

Preguntale a tu papa- Ask your dad.

Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres.- You will be judged by the company you keep.
El que madruga, Dios le ayuda.-
God gives a hand to early risers.
Pórtate bien ¡que nada te cuesta!-
Behave, it costs you absolutely nothing.

What is striking about these phrases is not what is understood in their literal translations, but what is communicated within the familial and cultural contexts. When your abulela says, Si Dios quiere what is she also communicating about her faith, her history, her testimony?

This is why we celebrate Latino Heritage Month. Despite what others believe and practice, Latino Heritage Month is not just about food and music. It is a celebration of the histories, experiences, testimonios, and contributions of millions of people to our country and to our world.

Traditionally at our Latino Heritage Month Mass we perform a roll call to honor the different countries our students and their families represent. Give me a shout out if your family traditions are from:






Costa Rica


The Dominican Republic


El Salvador








Puerto Rico



Our community is comprised of an array of histories and experiences that all make up Verbum Dei High School. As we celebrate the rich histories of our Latino brothers and sisters in the weeks ahead, may we take a moment to appreciate the lessons and knowledge their experiences offer us today.

Si Dios nos da licencia,

Dr. OL

*Photo credit: Detail of Hispanic Heritage Select Photos, by David Valdez.

A Look Ahead

September 21-September 25: STAR Testing (no schedule change)

October 5: ASB Assembly (Student of the Month Announced)

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Freshmen Retreat

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Counseling Referal Form (Click Below)

The Motivating Parent/ El Padre Motivador

Did you miss Parent University: Day 4- The Motivating Parent? No worries! Please see the recorded event below.

¿Se perdio la Universidad de Padres: El Padre Motivador? No se preocupe. Porfavor vea el evento grabado a continuación.?

Parent University: The Motivating Parent
La Semana Universitaria de Padres: El Padre Motivador

New Campus Ministry Website

Have you checked out the Campus Ministry website yet?!

The website has daily prayer videos, info on service hours, and spirituality & justice resources. You can also contact us through the website to send us your prayer requests, offer suggestions for the Campus Ministry team, or ask us a question. Hope to hear from you!


Resources for Verb Families

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1-on-1 time with teachers can help a struggling student improve and can also help the proficient student excel. For Verbum Dei students, this time with teachers is called HERO time. HERO stands for homework, enrichment, reteaching/reviewing, and organization. This year HERO will occur for all students on Wednesday

During this time, students are encouraged to:

  1. Attend Teacher's Office Hours (links/schedule will be emailed home)
  2. Get a head start on homework, projects, papers.
  3. Meet with a tutor
  4. Read
  5. Get organized

We look foward to students using this support.

Dr. Odom's Remind 101 Code

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Parent Check Off List

We are officially up and running! By now you should be connected to your son's courses in a variety of ways.


Have you received emails from Verbum Dei? If not, we may have an incorrect email address for you (or no email at all). If you have not received an email this from Dr. Odom, Coach Stevenson or Mrs. McDonald please email Ms. Aguilar, or 323-564-6651 to confirm your email today.

Remind 101

Each teacher has been asked to use Remind 101 to communicate with parents and students. Remind 101 codes have been emailed to you. If you need help setting up Remind 101 for your son's teachers please contact Ms. Aguilar, or 323-564-6651 today.


Verbum Dei has paid for our parents to have access to their son's Schoology accounts. This allows parents to see due dates for assignments, student submissions, and some grades. If you would like access to your son's Schoology account you must request your individual parent access code.

For 9th and 12th grades please email Dr. Odom at

10th grade please email Mr. Rosa at

11th grade please email Mr. Galloway at

Once you receive your code:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Sign Up-Parent
  3. Input your Access Code

So far 60 parents have signed up. We are looking for 100% parent participation!


RenWeb allows you to check your son's attendance, Christian service hours, behavior, and current grade in the course.

To sign into your RenWeb account (New Parents):

Go to

Click Log In (upper right hand corner)

Click ParentsWeb Login

Select Create New Family Portal Account

Input the District Code: VER-CA

Input the email we have on file at Verbum Dei.

An email will be sent to your email with further login instructions

For teenagers, constant communication with the school helps keep them focused and accountable. Thank you in advance for your commitment to monitoring your student and staying in constant contact with Verbum Dei!

Virtual Learning Schedule- Quarter 1

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Verbum Dei Campus Ministry is on Instagram

Follow Campus Ministry on Instagram to get updates on service opportunities, retreats, immersion trips and much more!

2020-2021 Calendar is HERE!!!

Moving from College Prep to College Ready

GOAL #1: VDHS students will perform at or above proficiency by graduation.

GOAL #2 All students will show fall to spring growth on all measurements (STAR, CWSP evaluation, GPA)

College Prep: Providing the courses that will lead students to gaining admission to a 4-year college or university.

College Readiness: The level of preparation a student needs in order to enroll and succeed- without remediation- in credit-bearing education courses at a post secondary institution that offers a baccalaureate degree or transfers to a baccalaureate program. College readiness leads to college success.

Beginning in Fall 2019, Verbum Dei will use STAR assessments to measure student achievement (Goal 1) and growth (Goal 2) for all students. These assessments will help students and teachers to identify key skills for improvement. The video below has some information. We will send home more information throughout the summer!


STAR Video Information below

What Are STAR Assessments_NewSD
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Grad at Grad

The Grad at Grad is a list of six characteristics that all Jesuit, Cristo Rey schools hope their graduates will embody. For Verbum Dei, this list represents the overall goals of our academic, athletic, and spiritual programs.

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