Pedestrian Safety

Look out before you step out

Facts For Parents

  • Working hard to raise awareness of the dangers to pedestrians, and to provide leadership, expertise, and resources to communities across America to combat these crashes
  • We would like parents, caregivers, educators, traffic safety officials, and advocates to make the most of our pedestrian safety resources to improve the quality of life in their communities
  • Walking around traffic requires the same thinking skills as driving a car or even riding your bike
  • Make sure you keep your child safe
  • Make you kid change the world by listening and following the rules when it comes to crossing the road


  • Cross at a corner of the street
  • Use traffic signals whenever possible
  • Make eye contact with a driver of a vehicle that comes your way
  • Look both ways ( left-right-left again)
  • If there is a sidewalk, use that instead of the road
  • Watch for cars