Biography: Derrick Rose


Basic Information About Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose, one of my favorite basketball players and a huge inspiration for some people. Derrick Rose is a professional basketball player in the NBA, currently he is playing for the Chicago Bulls. He is currently 27 and was born October.4th 1988 in Chicago, USA. He sports the Chicago Bulls jersey with the number 1 on it.

Childhood And Teenage Years

Derrick Rose had a very interesting hard since he was raised without a father, but he had a very loving mother whose name was Brenda and 3 older brothers. Also a quote from Derrick Rose about his mother."My mom would walk down the street and drag us home if she heard we were getting into trouble," Rose later told Sports Illustrated. "Even the drug dealers, when they saw her coming, would stop dealing and tell her where we were." The Rose family was very tight and had a great bonding with each other. His older siblings were always there for him and provided him with a lot of help. The people of Derrick’s town thought he was a fast moving point guard and a rising star on the court. After that he went Chicago's Simeon Academy. After that he was drafted No.1 Overall draft pick in 2003. Now being in the NBA, Derrick Rose breaks a lot of people ankles.

Struggles About His Life

One major struggle Derrick Rose had was in the seoson of 2010. After that he had many knee injuries and troubles with his knee, but because of his dedication and effort he is still one of the best players in the NBA, and very strongly he can still win MVP.

His Growth Mindset and Success's in life

Finally one of the largest reason he is one of the

best at what he does, is the fact he demonstrates a growth mindset. He demonstrates a growth mindset because he has not given up, has very strong dedication, and does not accept defeat without efforts. Also he has many awards and success in his life. Next is a list of his success. One award is being on the NBA rookie team in 2009. Next, is being on the NBA all-star team. Third, is winning Rookie of the year in 2009. Finally is the MVP award in 2011.