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Weekly information for Bear Tavern - October 16, 2015

Our Time is NOW...

Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

For me a fun part of the week is selecting the quote of the week and the background picture for Bear Tracks. There are so many great quotes out there and amazing pictures of things around our school, so it is a tough task. It is not evident at first glance, but for the last three weeks, the quote of the week has been directly related to a conversation that I've had with someone around the building. I have, in some cases (like this week), blatantly ripped them off, and in other instances been thinking about a conversation or classroom visit and been reminded or inspired by something important or interesting.

The reason that I tell you this is to encourage you to get out there... During your planning or even your lunch, arrange for a few minutes throughout the week here or there to pop in on a colleague that you don't talk to every day. Although I have been thinking about and am working on a 'structure' for this somewhere down the road, it doesn't have to be official or formal. It could literally be 20 minutes one day after you've eaten or after you've done some planning, etc. I can guarantee that anywhere you go in the building, especially if it is a different grade level or special area (something you don't think about every day) you will walk away with some ideas and inspiration that you can use in your classroom or area.

Lastly, thank you again for a great start. Preparing the calendar for this week, I was looking into November - and that is powerful. We are 1/2 way through October and still going strong. It has not been a first month fluke, you are doing amazing things and creating a positive, powerful, and sustainable culture. Even through glitches that pop up in scheduling, etc. everyone has remained upbeat, gone with the 'flow' and come to me with ideas and solutions - in good times and in bad. If we continue doing that, we simply can't lose!

Have a great weekend!



Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates


  • DEN GROUPS - The confirmed, final list of students will come out today along with all other questions and activities. I would like to thank everyone who has been working so hard and supporting the idea of Den Groups - it has so much potential for our students and school! It is exciting.
  • Faculty Meeting - Please come ready to spend some time debriefing / sharing some of your biggest take aways from Monday's PD Day (from the morning or afternoon). What really resonated? Did you change anything in your classroom or area as a result? What would you like to know/talk more about?
  • Signature Project Assembly - K, 1, 2 : 9-9:45 am / Grades 3, 4, 5: 10-10:45 am
  • Trout Blog - You can stay up to date by looking at the blog. There are current pictures and even videos! The site address will stay the same, but will be updated every week or few days.


Monday 19-Oct - Whole School MM / Den Group Kick off / Fac Mtg *Special Event Schedule AM*

Tuesday 20-Oct - Olivia Wahl 5th Grade @ HES

Wednesday 21-Oct - Olivia Wahl 4th Grade @SB

Wednesday 21-Oct - Signature Project Assembly click here for more info

Thursday 22-Oct - Olivia Wahl 3rd Grade @BT

Thursday 22-Oct - 2nd Grade to NJ State Museum

Monday 26-Oct - 90 minute contracted mtg.

Friday 30-Oct - SGOs due and entered in OnCourse

Friday 30-Oct - Halloween Parade * Special Event Schedule AM*

Wednesday 4-Nov - Principal's Cabinet

Thursday 5-Nov - NJEA Convention - School Closed

Friday 6-Nov - NJEA Convention - School Closed

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