Summers' Scoop

September 8, 2015

Star Student

Congratulations to Mya for being our first Star Student! Yay! We are looking forward to learning more about Mya this week when she brings in pictures of herself and shares her interests with our class! On Thursday, our class will participate in Thoughtful Thursday. This is when everyone will have a chance to write a letter to Mya about what they like about her insides. Who will our next Start Student be?

Daily Agenda

Please read over your child's daily agenda! You will see that you your child has written down their daily homework and reminders. Students will also write down where they landed on our behavior chart for the day. I plan to initial their agenda each afternoon after I have looked over what they have written. I ask that you please look over their agenda with them each afternoon and initial as well. This is a good place for us to communicate! I have already had some parent notes written in the agenda. Another way to communicate is through email.

Diamond Dell Field Trip Information

Our class is looking forward to our first in-house field trip on September 25 - Diamond Dell! If you have not already turned in your payment, please do so by this Friday, September 11.

Media Center Update

Our class visited Mrs. Matney in the Media Center last week and she shared all of the new SC Children's Book Nominees and SC Picture Book Nominees with us. They look awesome!! The Media Center will be having an incentive program this year for students who read the nominee books and report on them through the Media Center Website. Each student has a blue flier of information in the Reading Section of their file folder. After students read the first five books, then they can take their blue form to the Media Center to get a prize. There are a total of 20 SC Children's Book Nominees and 8 SC Picture Book Nominees which would count towards their total.

Check out the Media Center Website for more information about the Nominee Books and a link to report on the books.

There is also a link on the Media Center Website which can help you and your child get ideas about books to read from different genres. This will be a great resource for us this year as we plan to read books from different genres.

English/Language Arts Update

We have been busy these first few weeks in ELA! Mostly, we have been talking about how important it is for readers to be thinking while they are reading - Reading is Thinking! Readers should be engaged with the text which they are reading and using reading strategies to enhance their reading. Our class will be reviewing helpful reading strategies and putting them into place while we read.

Our class is also learning about the different genres of books. We have even been labeling the books that our class has read together. Here is the list of genres which we will be focusing on this year:


RF Realistic Fiction A story that is made up, but could happen in real life.

M MYSTERY A suspenseful story about a mysterious event. The mysterious event is usually solved at the end of the story.

F FANTASY A story including elements that are impossible, such as talking animals or magical powers. Think of them as IMAGINARY.

HF Historical Fiction A story that takes place in a particular period in the past. Often, the setting is real, but the characters are made up from the author’s imagination.

TL Traditional Literature Stories that are passed down from one group to another in history. This includes folk tales, legends, fairy tales, tall tales and myths from all different cultures.

SF SCIENCE FICTION A type of fantasy that uses technology, such as computers, robots, time machines, etc.


AB Autobiography A true story about a person’s life that they write themselves.

B Biography A true story about a person’s life that is written by someone else.

I Informational Text that provides real facts about a particular subject. There are informational books on just about anything you can think of (sports, space, history, animals, careers, weather, etc.)


P Poetry Poetry is a written explanation of feelings or expression by the use of a certain style or rhythm.

Math Update

Our class is coming to the end of Chapter One/Place Value in My Math. We will work on the final lesson on Tuesday, then review on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be sending home a review guide for you to look over at home before our test on Friday.

If you and your child would like to go online to review any skills, then you can go to the My Math Website with your password information. The password information is located at the front of your child's agenda.

Social Studies Update

Our class has enjoyed this first chapter which introduced us to South Carolina! We will review on Tuesday and have the test on Wednesday. A review guide went home last week with your child. We have talked about how a study guide should be a "review" and how paying attention and participating in class is critical.

Later in the week, we will move onto Chapter 2 which will introduce us to using map skills and the five diverse regions of South Carolina.

Science Update

We will continue to study the Science Process Skills including observation, classification, prediction, communication and inference. All of these skills will be used throughout the year as we learn about other topics in Science.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 18 from 8:00-8:40 - Grandparents Day

Thursday, September 24 at 11:40 - Early Release Day

Friday, September 25 at 8:00 - Diamond Dell

Thursday, October 1 - Picture Day