What's the BUZZ?

Mrs. Gorsage's Second Grade Class

Parent - Teacher Conferences

I love to meet each family! It's a great time to ask questions. We can talk about how to create a stronger student. I can tell you how wonderful your kiddo is, too! PLEASE call the office and make an appointment 463-2134. Conferences are Monday, 11-24-15 from 1-7 P.M. and Tuesday, 11-25-15 from 8 A.M. to 1 P.M.

B.I.G. Projects

B.I.G. projects are getting better and better! The next project is based on an adventure book. Your child should finish reading the book next week. The project can be finished over Thanksgiving. It is due on MONDAY 11-30-15.

In class Research Projects

I am so proud of this class! They started the school year with "infant" computer skills. Three months later they are "pro's"!! They can log in, take A.R. tests, play educational games, and complete research. Yes! Your children have successfully researched dinosaurs and will do a Native American report next week.

Looking to the future...

*In December we will do a literature study on the Gingerbread Man. Our final project will be making candy houses. I will send a note home asking for helpers and supplies. It's a lot of fun for everyone.

*Students need 50 AR points by the end of December. PLEASE ask your student about AR daily. Have them read a stack of books over Thanksgiving.

*Did you know you can look up AR books on my web page? (If you have no idea what I'm talking about ask me at parent teacher conferences.)

*Holiday Musical: Tuesday, December 8, 2015. Students should arrive at 6:40 in the cafeteria.


Writing is always a challenge for students. Please remind your student to use proper spacing between words. Many words are spelled wrong and if they run together it becomes a guessing game for me. For example: Isthishardtoread? Also, I have been discussing that sentences do not start with: and, but, or because. Students also need to carry over using capital letters and ending marks (. ! ?) in their short answers in other subjects such as social studies. Using proper grammar and writing skills now will help them succeed in the future.

FREE Pizza

Please don't forget Book-It is due by the end of each month Your child only needs 10 books. If you have lost the form, just write in on a piece.

10 books = a FREE personal pan pizza

Early Out

Don't forget this Friday 11-20-15 is an early out day. Dismissal is at 12:25.

Parent Communication

Please make sure you sign agenda's each night.

Please sign and return the slip below.


My child_____________feels successful in _______________________________________________

in second grade. Please sign:_________________________________________________________

I hope to see you all at Parent Teacher Conferences!