Asunción, Paraguay

Yashwant Vallapareddy; Spanish II - Smith Period 2

Paraguay - Land of Opportunities

La Posición de Paraguay/ El Mapa

Paraguay está localizado en América del Sur. Paraguay tiene salida al mar, pero limita con tres países. Paraguay está este de Bolivia, sur de Brasil y norte de Argentina.

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La Población de Asunción

La población de Asunción es de 544 mil en el año de 2012.
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Moneda de Paraguay

La moneda es el Paraguayan guarani.

May 20, 2016 - One US Dollar = 5,627.46 guarani

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Persona famosa - Derlis Gonzalez

Derlis Gonzalez is a famous soccer player that currently plays in FC Dynamo Kyiv, a Ukrainian professional soccer club. He was born on March 22, in the year of 1994. He is currently 22 years old. Derlis was born in Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay. Derlis won the award for "Best Paraguayan Soccer Player" in 2015 and a member of the Paraguayan national football team. He scored a winning goal against Mexico in the 2013 World Cup.

El Tiempo de Paraguay

Five Day Weather Forecast for Asuncion, Paraguay

La Maleta para el Viaje

Para el viaje a Asunción, tomé las cosas básicas como un cepillo de dientes, gafos, cepillo de pelo, y algo de ropa para el viaje corto. Tomé pantalones cortos, camisetas, un par de gafas de sol y una chaqueta para el clima caliente. Porque puede llover de vez en cuando en Asuncion, tomé una chaqueta. No necesito empacar necesidades de la ducha porque el hotel dará.

Los Boletos de Avión

La fecha de mi viaje fue el 16 de mayo de a la 19 de mayo. El precio de un boleto era 963 dólares.
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El hotel me quedé en se llamaba La Misión Hotel Boutique. Su dirección era Dr Juan Eulogio Estigarribia, Asunción, Paraguay. Su número de teléfono era +595 21 610519. Su precio era de 844125 guaraníes para alojarse por una noche. Me quedaré del 16 al 19 de mayo en el hotel. El hotel tenía un desayuno bufé y un restaurante formal con música normal arpa. Otras comodidades incluyían una sala de fitness, servicio de peluquería y belleza y una terraza con una piscina. Total era 3376500 Paraguayan guaranies. Total era 600 dólares.
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Tres Attraciones

Icono Tower, la Casa de la Independencia Museum, and Cerro Cara National Park are the three attractions I will be visiting.

Icono Tower - Uno Attracion

Icono Tower is the tallest building in Paraguay, located in Asuncion, Paraguay. The building has a height of 136 meters and surpasses the Willis Tower found in Chicago. The building was built in 2011.

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La Casa de la Independencia - Dos Attracion

The Casa de la Independencia Museum, located in Asuncion, Paraguay, was inaugurated on May 14, 1965 and showcases pieces of history that date back to the independence of the country. In the evening of May 14, 1811 a group of brave Paraguayans came out of this house to declare the independence of Paraguay. It is a national monument which has a great historical significance.

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Cerro Cara National Park - Tres Attracion

Cerro Cora National Park is the largest protected area in Paraguay with 5,538 hectares. It is located in Amambay Department, 45 km from the departmental capital, Pedro Juan Callabero and the border with Brazil. Established on February 11, 1976, it is a nature reserve, as well as a major historical site. This place was the setting where last battle of the Paraguayan War took place, on March 1, 1870.

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Actividades divertidas

Costanera de Asuncion - a recently finished boardwalk project behind the Presidential Palace along the Paraguay River. On the weekends, one will find hundreds of couples, families, and people of all ages taking walks. Tourists can rent bikes, fly a kite, or grab a bag of popcorn or dulce de leche churro as a nice snack.

Loma San Jeronimo - a project between the Tourism Ministry of Paraguay and the local residents to promote and bring visitors to the neighborhood. The houses have been painted in bright and friendly colors and there are numerous recycled art projects lining the streets. It’s worth a visit on any day, but especially on the weekend when there is live music as well as street markets.

Drinking Tereré at the Plaza de la Independencia - Tereré could be considered the national beverage of Paraguay. It is an infusion of yerba mate with cold water. It is drunken from a shared cup called a guampa with a metal straw or bombilla. For the equivalent of two U.S. dollars, one can rent all the necessary equipment, ice and cold water and enjoy a truly Paraguayan experience and a leisurely afternoon of people watching.

La Comida - Mbejú

Sometimes written as Mbeyú, Mbejú is a staple of the Paraguayan diet and is consumed at any time of the day. It is a starch cake that looks like a cross between an omelet and a pancake. It is made with mandioca and cheese and is cooked in a very hot frying pan. In the guarani language, mbejú means cake.
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La Comida - Empanada

Empanadas are pastries filled with different combinations, including, egg, meat, chicken, corn, cheese and ham. Paraguayan Empanadas are normally fried and not often made in the oven like the Chilean or Argentinean ones. Also Paraguayan empanadas are sometimes eaten between two pieces of bread like a sandwich, something people from other countries tend to notice when they see it.
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El Restaurante

Bolsi in Asuncion, Paraguay - Restaurant Website - Restaurant Menu

Fettuccine alla Papalina - Tournedos of beef tenderloin with creamy sauce

with champignons and ham slices; costs 50,000 guaranies (About $10 dollars)

Baked Salmon with Vegetables - Season with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs. Garrison sauteed broccoli; costs 92,000 guaranies (About $18.50 dollars)

Total equivalent of $40 dollars (Drinks and tip included)

Recuerdos de Paraguay

Yerba Mate Gourds - The mate cup's unique shape compresses the yerba mate tea in order to create suction for nutrient extraction. Using this specially shaped mate gourd is the secret to preserving the high level of nutrients and maximizing the benefits of yerba mate.

Nanduti - A type of lace introduced into Paraguay by the Spaniards. It is generally characterized by a spoke-like structure of foundation threads upon which many basic patterns are embroidered. This structure, resembling a spider web or the rays of the Sun, is usually made on a small circular cushion and is common in many Spanish countries. It is also found in drawn thread work. A comparable lace is made on the island of Tenerife and bears its name.

Tereré Gourd - A mate cup similar to the Yerba Mate Gourd but specifically made for Tereré, the national Paraguayan drink. It has a kind of curve in the middle of the cup, making the design even more unique comapred to other cups. Local artisits in Paraguay are constantly making new designs, creating much diversity in a type of cup.


Boletos de Vuelo - $1926 (Dollars; round-trip) or 9,630,000 guaranies

Alojamiento - $600 (Dollars for four nights) or 3,000,000 guaranies

Atracción 1 - $20 (Rides) or 100,000 guaranies

Atracción 2 - $20 (Rides) or 100,000 guaranies

Atracción 3 - $20 (Rides) or 100,000 guaranies

Actividad divertida 1 - $10 (Cost of Drink) or 50,000 guaranies

Actividad divertida 2 - Free

Restaurante - $40 (Dollars for food and tip) or 200,000 guaranies

Recuerdo 1 - $10 (Dollars) or 50,000 guaranies

Recuerdo 2 - $10 (Dollars) or 50,000 guaranies

Recuerdo 3 - $10 (Dollars) or 50,000 guaranies

Costo total en Guarani y Dolarés - $2666 dolarés o 13,330,000 guaranies