IPS Study Guide

-information compiled by Clara Nguyen-


Monday, March 16th, 8am

Introduction to Physical Science

What's on the quiz, you may ask? All material covered from 4.9 all the way up to the Acidification Lab.

Acid Rain Notes

there are gases dissolved in our atmosphere, including:
  • carbon dioxide
  • sulfur dioxide
  • hydrogen chloride
all of these gases can create acidic solutions

sulfur dioxide - "acid rain"

  • sulfur dioxide found in volcanoes, also created by industrial pollution
  • acid rain kills forest, pollutes water sources

Sinkholes/Limestone Notes


  • soft, porous rock (holds water)
  • water-soluble, can dissolve if exposed to carbonic acid
sinkholes are common in Florida because:

  • lots of limestone underground
  • Florida was covered by ocean in the past

Q: Can you change the acidity of water by dissolving carbon dioxide from our lungs into it? A. Yes

Q: How does phenol red change as it is placed in more acidic substances? A. It will become clearer.

Two Gases Lab Info

carbon dioxide - dense gas

hydrogen - light gas

gas either escapes or stays in test tube depending on position of test tube and density of gas

Sulfuric Acid Notes

sulfuric acid discovered in 8th century by alchemists - alchemy

alchemy - predecessor to modern chemistry

uses of sulfuric acid

  • lead acid batteries (cars)
  • fertilizers
  • steel industry (prevents rust corrosion)
  • dried fruit production (acid is hydrotropic, speeds up drying process)

Two Gases Lab Experimental Errors

  • not waiting 30 seconds
  • unstopper before inverting
  • break surface of water with test tube
  • don't collect full test tube of gas
  • air bubble in test tube
  • stoppers not tight
  • not keeping test tube vertical