Nick Alvarez

Hawaii and Miami

History And Culture

In 1778, the Hawaiian islands were settled by the Polynesian immigrants more than 1,000 years ago, but remained unknown until captain James Cook landed there in 1778.

Miami was discovered in 1870 and was built by people who dreamed of living on this land. They took advantage of the nice and bad weather.

How to get there

How I will get there is my friend will drive me to the Denver airport and I will find my flight and get on the plane and wait very patiently wait until I reach my destination. Then I'm going to take a taxi to the hotel I will be staying in.

Where I will stay

When I arrive at my destination I will look for the Mauna Lani bay hotel which I looked up on and the price is at $300 a night. A four to five star hotel I will and stay there until I have to head over to Miami for my next flight. So I will stay for a total of thirty two days at a hotel doing nothing but having fun and enjoying life as much as I can.

Stuff I will do

First I will head to the beach because I've always wanted to go on a Hawaii beach. Then I will go find the Walt Disney waterpark to have fun at all day long and after a long fun day I will go to my room on the top floor and enjoy the beautiful view while the sun sets.


So first the cost of the plane ticket will cost $1,200. Next the cost of the hotel will be $300 a night. Then the water park might be $40-$60 per person. After that the plane ticket for Miami will be $2,000 and it will be on American airlines. And Disney world and two other water parks and the other hotel will be all together of a total of 9,600 dollars so I will have 400 dollars left over.

How I will leave

First I will take another taxi to the airport, then I will have to go through the long line of tough security. After that I will have to find the right plane I have to take to Miami. Finally I will put all my belongings on the plane with me and wait patiently until I get to Miami.


The reason why I chose these two places was because I love both place so much and I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. So now I'm in Miami so the first thing I will do is I will go to one of the best places in the world, Disney world and sea world and then I will go to the awesome beaches there afterwards. After that I will go to some of the water parks there and have a good time and enjoy life. Then I will fly back to Colorado and get some rest after a long and fun trip.
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