A Note from Nute's Desk

March 2, 2015.......News in Room 6


As mentioned previously, these next two weeks we are taking several end of quarter assessments for all core subjects just as we have done before. Please make sure your child is on-time and here daily. Testing is not only in the mornings but in the afternoon as well. Therefore, please try to avoid early pick-ups. Thank you in advance for complying.


Be sure your child is still doing homework daily such as... Read & Respond and Go Math. In addition, due to state testing being around the corner... beginning of April... I am adding these extra procedures along with daily homework. I will be monitoring the activity at these websites as well. Please encourage your child to complete each extra component of homework day to day. It will support their learning needs.

Extra Homework...

Monday- Language (Grammar) and/or Vocabulary on Moby Max for 20 minutes (alternate between Language and Vocabulary each Monday or do both for 10 minutes)

Tuesday- Math on Moby Max for 20 minutes

Wednesday- Reading Stories (fiction & non-fiction) on Moby Max for 20 minutes

Thursday-Writing Workshop on Moby Max for 20 minutes

Friday- www.Tenmarks.com do one assignment... if there are not any assignments have the student to just jam on random skills--- of course work on challenged area for growth


Assist your child in fixing errors on graded work...Walk he/she through steps for solving/answering the problem/question which was missed so that the same mistakes will not happen again. Try practicing similar questions/problems like those that are missed to monitor whether or not the child clearly knows what to do. Use scratch paper and a pencil for changes and practice.

If there are any questions and/or concerns please direct them to me. Thank you always.

Important Dates...


8- Set your clocks 1 hour ahead

10- Class Picture Day (we will vote on a class color to wear... it may be blue... not sure)

12- Third Grade Music Performance @ 6 pm Junction City Hoover's Opera House

13-22 SPRING BREAK ----(be sure your child completes and returns the Spring Break Packet upon first day of return)

23- AR Party for those that met goals by March 12

24-26 Book Fair


26 & 27 No School