The Outsider's Soundtrack

By: Tiana L. Pd. 6

The Outsiders

The Outsiders is a novel by S.E. Hinton. It follows the rivalry between two gangs called the, "Greasers" a group of young boys from a poor community, and the rich, high class "Socs" of the same age through the view of Ponyboy, a 14 year old Greaser. People getting hurt, people being murders to being heroes, people getting sick, etc.

1.) HOME - Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips: Home (Lyrics)
The song Home by Phillip Phillips could be a song to go with the book because when Ponyboy fell asleep in the lot and he came home late, Darry started yelling at him and when Darry slapped Ponyboy across the face, he ran out the door and look for Johnny so he could run away with him. Then Ponyboy decides to go back home. No matter how much Ponyboy wants to run away after a fight with Darry, the place where his family is, is always his home.

2.) TEAM - Lorde

Lorde - Team (Lyric Video)
The song Team by Lorde is a song that could go with the book because this reminds me of the Greaser's being a team. They help each other out and take care of each other.

3.) DEMONS - Imagine Dragons

Demons - Imagine Dragons
The song Demons by the Imagine Dragons could go with the song because it goes along with the part when Bob (member of a Soc) is trying to drown Ponyboy then when Johnny comes to the rescue, he stabs Bob to death. Both of them were accused of murder and it feels like they changed into a whole different person when it had happened.

4.) BEAT IT - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Beat it Lyrics
The song Beat It by Michael Jackson, goes with the part of the rumble in the book. The Greasers wanted to win the rumble, so they were ready to fight the Socs.

5.) SAFE AND SOUND - Capital cities

Capital Cities - Safe and Sound (lyrics)
The song Safe and Sound by Capital Cities could be a song to go with the book because no matter what happens everyone will keep each other safe "I know that we'll be safe and sound.". For example, when Ponyboy had a concussion, his family and friends comforted him and made him feel safe.
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