The Role of Bacteria in the World

by Natalie Weix

How do bacteria fight off viruses?

Sometimes when a virus enters, these bacteria will send out a chemical signal, telling the others to save themselves form the virus. After they hear this signal, they change their DNA a bit. They from having white plates on the outside to harsh scales. If this doesn't work, these bacteria will shut themselves down.

Why is this "war" important?

These blooms of the white shields from the bacteria can be seen from space. It is also responsible for geographic creations, like the White Cliffs of Dover in England. These battles also make up for half of the oxygen we breathe.

Example #1

We need bacteria in our stomach to survive. This good bacteria helps us digest our food properly. With out it, we can not digest our food and get the proper nutrients from food that we need.

Example #2

Have you ever had cheese? Well, did you know that we need good bacteria to make it? That's right, without bacteria, you wouldn't be able to eat pizza or mozzarella sticks.