the magic of dryer sheets

What are dryer sheets?

Dryer sheets are the pieces of sheets that you throw into the dryer that make your life a whole lot simpler. These little sheets of paper, wax and a layer of chemicals prevent build up of static electricity from your clothes. This way when you pull your sweater over your head your hair wont have a static charge.

What happens in the dryer?

When you put your clothes in the dryer they tumble around and rub against each other. When they do this they loose and gain different electrons. The clothes that have gained electrons become negative, so they are attracted to the ones that lost the electrons. There for they stick together, this is called "static cling"

Why we need them?

We need dryer sheets because they make our clothes smell good, softer but most importantly they stop our clothes from having static cling.

How they work?

Dryer sheets have positively charged ingredients that are released by the heat and movements of the tumbling in the dryer. When these ingredients are released they leave a residue that allows two fabrics that are attracted to each other to neutralize. They work by coating the fabrics with a thin layer of chemicals. These chemicals have lubricant properties thus making the fibers feel smoother (softening) and preventing the buildup of static electricity.
Dryer Bar Magic (How it works)

Law of Static Electricity

Like charges of electricity repel each other, whereas unlike charges attract each other.