Helium is where it is!

You might not see him, before he attacks!


Helio is the name of my Element Super Hero that i am making out of the element Helium!

Some powers that Helio has are:

- She can fly when ever she pleases!

-She has a really funny voice!

- She can go through cracks in walls

- she can go through people and into them also!

History of Helio!

Helio's History and why she is a villain!

Helium was the first noble gas ever found, in fact, this element was the first identified in the sun rather than in the Earth! In 1868, during the eclipse in India, a spectrometer was used for the first time in the study of the chromosphere around the sun!

Helio is a villain because when she was first found, she felt that people had abused her and her fellow helians! She thought that since people had taken her from her rightful home, the Sun, that they should pay for what they had done!