States of Matter!


So... What are states of matter?

You may be wondering: What are states of matter? Well, wonder no more because here's your answer! To understand these states, we have to know what matter is. Matter is any substance that takes up space and has mass. So, states of matter are the different types of matter.

Physical/Chemical Change

There are 2 types of matter changes: physical and chemical. Physical change affects physical things like shape or size. The atoms do not rearrange. They are easily reversed and no new energy is created. An example would be cutting a cake or ripping a piece of paper.

However, chemical change is different. It can take a long time and happens on a much smaller scale. New substance IS created and it isn't always easily to notice. Energy is often also created, and the changes are generally irreversible. Examples are iron rusting or a cake baking.

Changes in matter

  1. Freezing: liquid-solid (water-ice)
  2. Melting: solid-liquid (ice-water)
  3. Vaporization: liquid-gas (water-vapor)
  4. Condensation: gas-liquid (vapor-water)
  5. Deposition: gas-solid (co2 in a fire extinguisher)
  6. Sublimation: solid-gas (dry ice-co2)
  7. Ionization: gas-plasma
  8. Deionization: plasma-gas