Ways To Recycle As Much As Possible

Making My School Green


Recycling is very important to me, and to the ecosystem. And there are so many ways you can! You can buy recycled paper, set up recycling folders and bins, sort and recycle cafeteria trash and so much more!

What Can YOU Do?

3 Things Are............

1.) BUY RECYCLED PAPER: We use so much paper at school! Why not buy it recycled? Did you know 1 ton of paper equals 17 trees? Buying recycled paper cuts down on harmful sustances that go in to non-recycyled paper such as chlorine bleach.

2.) SET UP RECYLING FOLDERS AND/OR BINS: Put whatever paper is used, front AND back, in the recycling folder/bin. Also, having a recycling bin/folder next to a copy machine or where students get their paper encourages them to recycle.

3.) SORT AND RECYCLE CAFETERIA TRASH: Aluminun pop cans are a great thing to recycle. it causes much pollution to melt them, and even more to get more out of the ground! Also, cafeterias go through so much wasted food and paper and plastic products. Cafeterias can set up a few different garbage cans to sort the trash.