Prague, Czech Republic

The breathtaking city of prague is a great way to just relax , have fun, and to spend time with family.

prague's courageous meals!

Out stand your taste buds with some of prague's tastes meals. some fantastic snacks can consist of meats thick spicy pork and beef. the typical czech meal can include meat dumplings,potato's,rice and some cooked prague there are more than about 1,300 pubs some of the pubs were founded centuries ago. there is also some restaurants and cafes that will serve meat, vegetables an large amount of vegetarian food. as you can see there is a verity of foods from meat to vegetarian plates all around.

Some of Prague's out standing collections.

These are some great museums that you will enjoy.the finest museum in prague is the czech museum of fine art,witch focuses mainly on czech 20th century would also want to check out the museum of military history artillery,missile and heavy duty combat technology. the national gallery mange's both czech and foreign works of art.last but not least the national technology museum focuses, on the history of science and technology.museums are a great way to pass time and there are many in this fantastic city.

great entertainment and always something to do.

there are some great activates and events for anyone visiting Prague to go do. having something to do doesn't mean to just sit could go sightseeing,take a picnic, or just enjoy the weather.the black light theatre is another way to enjoy your day with a unique art form that can be seen from many places.enjoying the day? the Prague zoo houses well over 4,000 animals, is over 80 years old and only cost $10.00 admission. festivals in Prague are really big, bright lights , games, and fun activities. finally the city can very throughout the excitement and events to go see.

the wonders of Prague

the city of Prague has a very rich history with many historical sights and landmark to visit. one historical sight that you have to see is the prague castle, it has been around since 880 AD. the summer palace boarders the royal garden an includes the singing garden. the most popular church to visit the St. Georges basilica, which is the second oldest church in Prague. most people don't know that the charles bridge was built to cross the volta river also the Prague coast and the old part of you can see Prague has many places that reflect its character and history.

Not to hot, not to cold....

throughout the year the climate in Prague can be considered fairly miled. the highest average temperatures occur in the summer months of july and august. if you enjoy the rainy season rain features are common during the summer months. be sure to pack your scarf because the winter months can be chilly but snowfall are the months of november and march. even in the warmer months you probably wont see temperatures higher than 59 degrees fahrenheit. In short the weather in Prague is average for the region and does not reach extreme temperatures.

Leaning towards the inspiring language.

Czech is the main language spoken in Prague and is rich with cultural roots. one interesting fact about the czech language is that Czech is spoken by about 96% of there population. not only Czech can be spoken here, other languages can be heard her like slovak, german,polish and romany. more than a thousand year of history flows through each words in the Czech language. Czech grew into a rich language with many genres. in conclusion, Czech the dominate language in Prague, has a history that reflect that of its people.


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