Knowing your Advisers

Cassie Ethridge, Senior, 2 years in the YES program

Why do I want to do this?

I find that I work best to offer organization and insight on a project. I am often the practical voice. These are often great qualities when trying to decide on tasks for a large group. I believe it could offer an extra boost to the counsel.

Important Qualities to being a Leader

To be a great leader there are a few qualities you should possess, such as, having a positive outlook, being willing to push the group along, creativity and confidence. Those are some things I bring to the table, I prefer a more supportive role, I'm willing to be the group "cheerleader." Most people have never seen me upset at someone, I'll be upset at a situation for a while, until I find a solution to the problem. I do costumes and sets for musical theater, if you have seen those trees, you know i have quite a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Confidence is one of my best qualities, after doing a speech with nearly two-thousand people in attendance, not much scares me.

My Faults and My Challenges

Notably, I have problems with delegating. I'm so afraid someone won't uphold their end, I try to take it all on myself. I think I've been getting better though, I know teach the person how I want it, then let them do it. I do have a bit of problem with being too organized, but I think it helps me a bit with delegating like if everyone can have a task, perfect.

Leadership Opportunities and Working as a Team

Normally, I keep small scale leadership roles. I tend to prefer them. I can tackle the big stuff and do for the Beta Club. I tend to organize everyone to a direction and if they are there, give them a role. I work well with communication and if I have a good platform to communicate on, it is done very well, very quickly.


As I alluded to before, Beta Club is a big part of my life. Last year at convention, I ran for state officer. I cannot say, there has been a better time in my life. I loved it. Once or twice a week, I'm calling one of the officers I met. I talk to Luke, the previous Tennessee Secretary, nearly everyday. Once a week, the current Georgia president, Saba and I message on facebook. Running for something like that, all the other candidates are super nervous. All your state officers have the ability to invite officers from other states, when you run you meet, your resigning officers, the new officers, officers from other states, I got the chance to meet a national officer. The people involved are amazing, just amazing people, amazing experience. I feel like that threw me out of my comfort zone long enough, for me to get a grip of who I am. I came back from that and although I didn't get the position, my eyes are open to tons of new people and new experiences. I can honestly say, I found myself on that trip.

Academic Leader

I bring to the table as an Academic Core leader, a near perfect academic record along with, a sensibility and reliability. Those are two things every group needs, those qualities show best in me. Being the Academic Core leader I wanted to offer you an Academic Core type project, so let's look at the next presentation.