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Coconut Law Firm

is a general practice law firm getting people an affordable getaway from those sticky situations. We help our clients 'kick back and relax' as soon as possible. We have a high level of professionalism and knowledge and our goals are to stop the 'sinking boat' with all of your legal problems.

Do you want to bring a case against someone?

Here in a court of law we call that a plaintiff. Give us all directions as to why this is so and all preponderance of evidence and we will take it from there and help you legally.

We are the Coconut Law Firm!

Standing by and against all defendants in a court of law. Handling complaints and pleadings.

Frequently asked questions

What will the process be?

First we will take the accusations and look at the preponderance of evidence. then We perform a mediation. If that was unsuccessful we look to arbitration. If again unsuccessful, we then summon to speak in front of a judge or magistrate and hold a pretrial conference. the judge or magistrate will then look at all the preponderance of evidence and listen to all pleadings to draw a verdict. If outcome is unwanted we then apply to appeal.

What do all of those fancy words mean?

Plaintiff: When you accuse someone or bring them into court.
Defendant: The person being sued or accused.

Complaint: A statement that the situation was unsatisfactory.

Summons: An order to appear in front of the judge or magistrate.

Pleadings: A formal statement of cause or action.

Pretrial conference: A meeting held before a trial between the two parties.

Mediation: An intervention to resolve a dispute.

Arbitration: When you use an arbitrate to settle a dispute.
Trial: A formal argument before a judge or magistrate.

Preponderance of evidence: The greater amount of evidence given in a court of law.

Verdict: A formal, backed up decision from jury or judge.

Appeal: Apply for a higher courts reversal in verdict.

What is an example of a court case?