Angelina Jolie

shes an actress and a humanitarian


Angelina was born into wealth in Los Angles, California, but she was only living off her mothers income. Her mother was an actress, marcheline bertrand. Her father? He was also an actor, Jon Voight. When she was young she wanted to become a funeral director. But then she had became and actress, when she was only 7 years old, in a movie her father had co-written, called "Lookin' To Get Out". Even though they were never close, she still did associate with her father.

|.Her Elements Of Leadership.|

She has very many elements of leadership. She is an actress and a humanitarian so she must have very many vital skills. She has the elements of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, flexibility, courage, ect.

*_| Earning Some Of Those Traits|_*

Over Angelina's life she has earned very many of these traits. I mean she started acting at the age of 7! would you not be scared? she earned courage during her early years of acting which let her build up to having her biggest selling movie tomb raider which also got turned into a video game. Her element of integrity and honesty is her humanitarian part of her. She has to have the courage, integrity, and honesty to fulfill that. She had to be able to have the courage to fly her self there, the integrity to fulfill what she said, and the honesty to fulfill what she promised.The element that Angelina has that i think best suits her and helps her in the future is her honesty and integrity, it's a tie between those 2, because they are both very important in today's society. Without these traits she wouldn't be a great leader she wouldn't fulfill her promises or even try to help others.

_(Some Things Angelina And I Have In Common)_ [* Things I Also Need To Work On*] .{Skills That I Need To Be A Effective Leader}.

Angelina and I both have the traits of integrity and honesty, i am able to fulfill all promise i make or at least try to my best ability. although I am still very shy i try my hardest to communicate best around new people. Some Traits ill need to become a sucessful leader is to get rid of my shyness to become more open to new thing and better time management also the ability to along with others no matter how badly they pester me. I need to learn how to deal with my ADHD better and to become more serious.

{.| What Makes Me Want To Follow In her Footsteps?|.}

The fact that she followed her dreams and that she never gave up and started as early as she did is astounding. The fact that she travels the world to help others is very gracious. She gives back because she was born into wealth and the babies in Africa or the babies in Haiti to be more specific don't have it like most Americans, or really any American, And she helps give them the chance to be like us and have it better because not every country is blessed like the US.

# Do All Leaders Have To Have Every Trait?#

No, because they're plenty of leaders that lack some of the traits but that doesn't make them a bad leader not everyone has every trait, not everyone's perfect.