Veteran's Day with Mr. Lundstrom

By: Alyssa Bienka and Amber Shade

Information from our interview:

  • Lundstrom went into the Marines because he was messing up in college and his brother forced him to, when he was just nineteen years old
  • He was in the Marines for four years
  • The job he did was infantry which was the guys who basically just fought and didn't really do anything else
  • Lundstrom was ranked a sergeant
  • He never fought in a war because there were no wars in the eighties
  • The thing he thought was the scariest was repelling from helicopters, if it had to do with flying he didn't like
  • In bootcamp they lived in barracks which was thirty bunk beds in one room
  • Also in bootcamp they only got about a minute to eat their food
  • The hardest part about bootcamp for him was the mental stuff like them screaming and calling him names was a lot harder
  • For the physical stuff it was easier because his brother was in the Marines.
  • For Lundstrom being away from his family wasn't really that hard because his main family was his brother
  • The first day they got to bootcamp they had to sweep, strip, and wash the floors, they also had to run ten miles because some guy said "Say what?"
  • Lundstrom also said that the day he graduated bootcamp was one of the happiest days of his life other then the birth of his children
  • After graduating bootcamp it was pretty much like college with guns
  • The main prank he remembers is when someone took his gun and he got into a lot of trouble
  • After the marines his to become a teacher wasn't hard, he knew that since first grade he wanted to be a teacher because his dad was a teacher ("Everyone wants to be like there dad right?")
  • Lundstrom has never regretted enlisting sometimes he wishes he would have made a career out of it