Art City Eagles

May 9, 2022

What's Happening?

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact your child's teacher, call the office or email me -

Lost and Found: We have many coats/jackets and other items in our lost and found. We would really love for these items to make their way home. Please check to make sure you have coats, jackets, lunchboxes, etc. If you are missing anything, check the lost and found. Unclaimed items will be donated on May 31.

Not returning to Art City for the 22-23 school year: Please call the office and let Natalie know if your student will not be returning for next school year. This will allow her to take their enrollment out of the system and prevent her from emailing you this summer to complete registration.

Returning for the 22-23 school year: Please make sure you log on and complete the registration for next school year. Natalie will be sending out reminder emails throughout the summer. We can not make student placement decisions until registration is complete.

2022-2023 School Year: This time of year I begin to think about NEXT school year. When thinking about student placement for next year, please know that I do not take specific teacher requests. However, if you have an educational concern regarding your child, please email me and let me know of your concerns. There are many factors that go into student placement. I spend many, many hours on this task and do my best to be extremely thoughtful with student placement. I appreciate parents letting me know of concerns. Again, please email me these concerns BEFORE the end of this school year. Please do not request a specific teacher. If you feel it best to come in and visit in person, please email and we can set up a time to talk through your concerns so that I can make the best decision for all students and teachers.

Specialty classes do a lot of integration and have great learning opportunities for our students. Check out what they are doing this week.

PE this week: TK-2 Fitness Activity - Squad Leader Exercise. Lesson Focus - Recreational Activities. Game - Sneak Attack

3rd-5th - Fitness Activity - Squad Leader Exercise. Lesson Focus - Frisbee. Game - Frisbee Keep away, Ultimate Frisbee.

Music this week: K-3rd Carnival of the Animals (chickens) 4-5th Ukulele "Stand by Me"

Computers this week: All students will participate in our film festival. We will watch videos made by the 5th grade and vote on the best videos.

Library this week: The younger grades will make thank you cards after reading the book, The Thank You Book. They will also read a silly dragon book and discuss if they would enjoy living with a dragon. The older grades will play a game that tests how well they know first lines from books. It is sure to quiz their literary memory! They will also read a fun book called Duck! Rabbit! and cast their vote rather the star of the book is a duck or a rabbit.

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Upcoming Events

May 9: Emergency Drill

May 11: 3rd Grade Track Meet

May 13: Stand Strong Assembly 1:00

May 13: All library and take home books due.

May 14: Bike With the Mayor 10:00 am. Check city website for more details.

May 20: Last day of pre-school and kindergarten

May 24: 5th Grade Celebration 2:00 (date change)

May 25: Staff vs 5th grade kickball game

May 26: Field Day

May 27: Stand Strong Assembly 9:00

May 27: Last Day of School Dismissal at noon

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School Hours

8:15-8:40 A.M.: Teacher Preparation Time

8:15 am: Doors unlocked

8:15 Breakfast Begins

8:20 A.M.: Outside Duty Begins

8:40 A.M.: First Bell/End of Breakfast Service/End of Outside Supervision

8:45 A.M.: Tardy Bell/ School Starts

2:15 P.M. Monday Dismissal

3:00 P.M.: Tuesday-Friday Dismissal


11:25-12:00 P.M.: 1st Grade Lunch

11:35-12:10 P.M.: 2nd Grade Lunch

11:40-12:15 P.M.: 3rd Grade Lunch

11:45-12:20 P.M.: 4th Grade Lunch

11:50-12:25 P.M.: 5th Grade Lunch

Kindergarten Schedule:

AM: 8:45-11:20 Daily

PM: 12:15-2:15 Monday, 12:15-3:00 Tuesday-Friday

Transitional Kindergarten Schedule


AM: 8:45 - 11:00

PM: 12:00 - 2:15

Tuesday – Friday

AM: 8:45 - 11:20

PM: 12:20 – 3:00

Preschool Schedule

Sara Aguila

AM Session: 8:30-11 (Tuesday - Friday)

PM Session: 11:30-2:00 (Tuesday - Friday)

Crossing Guard Duty (Springville City Police)

900 East Center

8:20-8:55 Daily

11:15-12:35 Daily

2:40-3:15 Daily