Copyright Licenses

By:Max Carpenter

What is copyright?

A collection of rights granted to the originator of a piece of work. Arts, songs, videos, software. There are five types of copyright licenses the originator can put on his/her work.

#1.Public Domain

This is when anyone can use this object because the copyright expired. An example of this would be Romeo and Juliet.


Copyrighted work that you can copy, use and give away for free. An example of this would be iTunes or safari.


Copyright work that you can use and share freely, but after time you must pay for it. An example of this would be a demo or trial app.

#4.All rights reserved

Only allows purchaser to use software according to details spelled out by license agreement. An example of this would be Best buy or Wal-Mart.

#5.Open Source

Includes source code with the idea that people can help make it better. AN example would be firefox or linex.