We use Present Simple for:

a. repeated actions or habits

We go out every Saturday night

b.something we see as permanent

My sister works in a bank

c.describing a state that doesn't change

I look like my mother

Characteristic time expressions : every, never, always, usually, from time to time, sometimes, often, rarely, generally, once, twice a week, often, hardy ever

State verbs are verbs which describe states (things which stay the same) Some of the most common are verbs:

1.connected with emotions: love, hate, love, want

2.connected with understanding: believe, know, prefer, understand

3. connected with possession and unchanging qualities: belong, cost, weigh

4. connected with the senses: hear, smell,sound, taste

Present Simple


We use Present Continuous for:

a.things in progress now, at the moment of speaking

The birsds are singing.

b.temporary actions or situations that are happening around now

I'm reading a very good book these days

c.describing a situation which is changing

People are working longer hours nowadays

d. Plans for the nearest future

We are travelling to aunt Tessa at the weekend

e. irritation

You are always asking me stupid questions

characteristic time expressions:

now, at the moment, these days, but today, at present, next week

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