6th grade is easy

Your misconception


6th grade is easy, if by easy you mean crying in a dark alley on a rainy day, then yes. As a recent descendant, fortunately for your sake I know a thing or two about survival in this barbaric society.

Keep up with your classes!

It is very important that you are caught up with your work. When you get an assignment in class just get it done as quickly as you can the best you can. Especially when you get Homework (work usually assigned to do at home for practice, or work not finished in class) , because if you just procrastinate (put it off until the last second and or come use excuses) then you will end up having giant piles of work that you have to finish at one time. It is just better if you get it done when you receive it or in small doses.

Stay physically well

It is very important that you are healthy and get enough rest for school. If you are hungry, sleep deprived or even dehydrated then this could play a big role in your school day. Being tired while take a test (way to see what you know on a subject) is probably the worst
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Things to keep you well