Concentration Camps

By: Taylor Carroll

Death in the Camps

In death camp there were gas chambers. Gas Chambers were airtight room that could be filled with poisonous gas. Gas Chambers killed many Jews at one time. Then the leftover bodies were cremated in an oven. In labor camps prisoners were tortured and starved to death. If prisoners were not tortured to death, they died of diseases such as Typhus, Typhoid fever, Tuberculosis and Dysentery. Prisoners also had mental conditions such as severe depression, panic and delusional disorders. Prisoners were not notified of when their last day would be. For all they could have known, they would not be seeing morning.

Everyday Work in Camps

In labor camps, everyday was exactly the same. Prisoners woke up at 4 AM, they had a small breakfast that consisted of 10 ounces of bread. on a good day, prisoners also got a thin slice of sausage with their bread. Sometimes the Kapo that was serving the food, would throw your bread in mud or push you while you were holding your coffee so you would spill it. After breakfast, prisoners would line up for morning roll call. Prisoners lined up in lines of ten and were forbidden to move or talk while The Kapo's were counting. After roll call prisoners were put to work. Prisoners were lucky if they got to shovel or pickax, if not they worked with their hands. Prisoners did heavy lifting and dug trenches. After twelve or thirteen hours of unbearable work, prisoners had evening roll call. The Kapo's counted every prisoner dead or alive. Even though there were over twenty thousand concentration camps, they all had different purposes. Prisoners worried about what they were going to be forced to do that day. In addition prisoners also worried about if they were even gonna be feed that day.

Food Served in the Camps

The food source at labor camps was very limited. After morning roll the prisoners would be given their morning meal. For breakfast, they were given imitation coffee or herbal tea. For lunch, prisoners were given watery soup. For dinner, they were given three hundred grams of bread. Thier three hundred grams of bread had to last them till morning. Prisoners would take the bread of someone who died that night. Some of the food caused sickness. Because of the lack of food, prisoners lost weight, lost muscle tissue, died or became very weak.