What affects The Rate Of Diffusion?

By Tom Holliday

Particle size

The particles get their energy from temperature thus means that smaller particles will move faster than bigger particles at the same temperature and this means that particle size shares an inversely proportional relationship with diffusion.


As temperature increases so does the rate of diffusion this is because the molecules get their energy from the the temperature so the higher the temperature the higher the rate of diffusion this also means that the relationship between the temperature and diffusion is directly proportional.

Concentration Difference

The rate of diffusion increases with the concentration gradient meaning the higher the gradient the quicker the molecules diffuse and this means that the rate of diffusion is directly proportional to the concentration gradient.

Diffusion Distance

The further away the molecules are apart from each other the longer it will take to diffuse this means that the particle's distance is directly proportional to the rate of diffusion.