Cougar Courier

August 31, 2020

Thank You

The Carver Staff says thank you the parent for taking time out of your schedules to come to school this past week for child's assessments. These assessments will help the teachers guide their instruction, setting student goals, and to individualize learning for your child. It was also great to see the effort and grit of our students while taking the assessments. We look forward to working with your children this upcoming school year.

Creating A Successful Remote Learning Environment

Returning back to school is often stressful; getting back into routines, staying organized and helping with homework. These stresses seem to multiply with remote learning. Here are some simple tips, ideas and tools that can help ease the stress of learning at home.

  1. Create a Schedule Often what stands between goal completion and the starting point are problems around time management and staying organized. Visual schedules help create smoother transitions between activities and lessons, which allows for fewer opportunities for disruptions to occur. A visual schedule also helps your child know what they will be doing that day, helps them to understand what they need to accomplish and is an easy way to stay organized. Attached is a blank copy of a schedule and check list to help get you started!
  2. Designate a Learning Space Adults can attest to how difficult it can be to disconnect from work when you work from home. It’s no different for children. Now that kids are learning from home, it’s vital to help create clear boundaries and end times for where school begins and ends at home.
    1. Find a spot in the house that’s purpose is just for learning! Distinguished spaces help children maintain focus by decreasing the amount of outside distractions. Plus, it teaching them that when they are at their designated spot, it’s time to learn!
    2. Use backpacks as storage to avoid losing or damaging school materials! This also helps keep materials in one place.
  3. Allow for Breaks Short “brain breaks” during work time or between transitions have been shown to have real benefits! They reduce stress and frustration and increase attention and productivity for our children! Breaks are okay! Breaks are encouraged! Some simple “brain break” activities can include coloring, listening to music or even eating a snack.

Helpful Tip! Use a timer during the “brain break” (10 to 15 minutes) to get them back on task.

  1. Keep it Fun! Learning at home can be just as fun as learning at school! Use reward charts or incentives to keep your child motivated. Did they complete their checklist for the day? Great! Let’s reward them! Does your child want to sing or dance while reading? Let’s see those moves! Most importantly, don’t stress! When you are stressed, our children feel that. There’s always support at school and we are here! Reach out to us! We are always happy to help!

Dr. Magen Hardardt

School Psychologist

Schoology Parent Log In

Parents, please find below an attachment that will guide you in creating a parent log in. This gives you the opportunity to observe your student's activity while using Schoology.

School Accountability Committee

In the interest of fiscal transparency, moral integrity, academic rigor, and a desire to continue to provide premiere educational services to our students, Carver Elementary uses our School Accountability Committee to accomplish these goals. If you are interested in participating in this committee please reach out to Collin Vinchattle at


Be on the look out for our first PTA meeting, more details will be coming soon! If we have the current PTA positions open Vice president, Treasurer, and Secretary. Please email if interested.

An easy and simple way to help Carver PTA is to sign up for Amazon Smile and King Soopers Community Rewards programs. A portion of your purchase total will be donated back to Carver PTA. Step by step instructions will be on the Carver website under the PTA tab.

Parent Needs Assessment


Find a link below which is a counseling needs assessment for your child. This will give our counselor a better understanding of what our students need and focusing on providing the proper tools to help them with that need.


To start off the year, attendance will be looking different. The staff will be taking attendance daily based on participation in their Schoology course. We ask that students be available for the live sessions, but participation may take place anytime throughout the day. We understand that families have a busy schedule and we will accommodate if we are able. We ask parents still call in to excuse their child if they are going to be absent from learning that day, please call the attendance line at (719)328-7103.

Internet Need?

District 11 has provided families with one year of Internet Essentials with Comcast and a 100 hotspots. After going through a week of online educational learning and seeing that you might have a need. District 11 is still accepting applications and providing opportunities at

Food and Nutrition Services

Food & Nutrition Services, to meet the needs of families, will provide a Monday – Friday lunch time drive up “Grab N Go” (usually in the Kiss & Drop area at the front of the building) meal service option for students who are not in attendance at school.

The curbside “Grab N Go” service is a sack meal that will include student favorites. Entrées will be sent cold for food safety; however, cooking instructions will be provided when appropriate. Breakfast sack meals may be picked up at the same time as lunch. Parents and Guardians are permitted to pick up meals for their students, as the USDA requirement for students to obtain the meal has been waived.

There are important regulations and procedures that must be followed to provide this service:

  • Meal service is for District 11 K-12th grade students only
  • Student name is required to obtain a meal
  • All student meals may be picked up at one school location even if different D11 schools involved
  • Meal price is based on student status of Free, Reduced, and Full Pay
  • K-12th grade Reduced status students receive free breakfast and lunch
  • Place money on student’s account via MySchoolBucks – No cash at Grab N Go site
  • Questions – call FNS Office at 520-2924