Voice Acting

Imagine being able to voice your very own charater

The Career Itself

Voice acting is a very interesting career that involves voicing a character in cartoons, anime and video games. The career has been around ever since it was introduced in the late 1930's. Voice acting isn't as relevant as acting or directing movies though.

What Skills Would You Need?/Training

To be a successful voice actor you would need speaking skills(sure you do),social perceptiveness,active listening, the ability to think criticaly, and the ability to negotiate with others. As for training, you would need training in acting. Training in directing and theratical production.Training in drama and dramatics.


Q What training do you need?

A you will need training in acting, directing, and drama/dramatics.

Q What skills do you need?

A you will need speaking skills, active listening,and critical thinking.

Q Is there room for job advancement?

A Depending on your position , yes. The more talented you are, the more roles you'll have.

Q What is all involved in this career?

A You will be involved in shooting demo reels(sort of practice before the real deal),working and communicating with others.

Q What is the outlook/salary?

A I could definitely see people getting involved in this job because of how interesting it is. The salary is as follows: Medium annual wage is $83,235. Hourly is $41.94.

Q Why do you w ant to go in to this job?

A I've been wanting to do this ever since I got into anime.

Q What might people not know about this career?

A this job is not only very relevant now days but it has also garnered a lot of controversy in terms of anime having bad dubs.

Q What does a day in the life of voice acting look like?

A It's basically a lot of voice editing and demo-reels, masking your voice to appeal to said genre of animation(again, voice editing), and constantly taking and re-taking the lines you say so that they sound top notch.