Professional Athlete

Soccer Player

What are their main tasks?

Some of their main tasks and responsibilities include

  • Participate in sports events and competitive sports and play by rules and regulations
  • Attending scheduled training and practice
  • use equipment required
  • Stay healthy and fit
  • identify strengths and weaknesses and making adjustments to improve future performance
  • If captain, lead the team
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Why would this fit me?

  • I'm active on my spare time and at recess
  • I'm always very eager to do DPA
  • I've been playing soccer since I was in kindergarten and loved it since then
  • My favourite hobby is to play sports such as soccer, football and hockey

Working conditions

  • 2-5 hours of physical training five days a week(endurance training, weight lifting training)
  • Practice the actual sport almost everyday with your team(Strategies, skills and other things to prepare you for the up coming season)
  • Participate in exhibition games and other practice events

During the actual season you will be away from your family, spend days and weeks on the road as you visit your opponents. When it is a home game you will be back at your home field and your opponents will be coming to.


Based on your contract(How long you are going to be with that team)

Based on how much the team bought you for

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What education is required?

If I were to take Health and Physical Education Fitness in high school I would have to learn about:

  • Mental Health
  • Physilogy
  • Sexuality Education
  • Drug Education
  • Human Diseases
  • Kinesiology
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