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Trade routes that began in Sub-Saharan Africa kingdoms from across the desert to Europe. Starting in the city of Cairo. All Trans-Saharan trade routes are on land. Saharan Africa has hot and arid temperatures. It's purpose was to continue trade from Africa to Europe.

Goods Traded

Gold and salt are mainly what they are known for but often traded kola nuts (which were a form of caffeine), and slaves, ivory, and cloth.



The camel is the domesticated animal used for transportation in the desert and are imported from India. Also they can carry large amounts of weight for instance iron tools, weapons, and large stones. They called them camel carravans.

Silent Barter

Because of the language barrier in Africa they had to use a silent bar parter system in order to trade. This was either through holding up an amount on your fingers that you were willing to pay.

Spread of Islam

Islamsreaded vastly in this region because it was already well known in Egypt and because of the trade route beginning in Egypt people went to go establish more land spreading Islam. Another spark in the growth of Islam was when Muhammad moved from Mecca to Medina which was closer to the Arabian coast.
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