can it exist


"I think there's a desire to use technology and to know exactly how it's being used so we don't sacrifice to much privacy." (kowaktski)
Paige Kwatikowski is the Vice President at the data quality campaign,

Although this could be smart but it involves a major invasion of privacy.

As seen in the giver and the article about high tech school monitoring,

An utopian society cannot exist while where there is doubt in leadership

As demonstrated in the giver Thomas and the giver begin to doubt the chief elder and her choice of no sameness

For this reason Jonas tries to leave to cross the bouandry to let the memories back

"But the moment passed and was followed by an urge a need a passionate yearning to share the love for memory's" (Lowry 221)

This is Jonas crossing the bouandry and so all the memories go back to the people.

An utopian society cannot and would not exist with these issues