Mrs. Reeder's Second Grade News

Victor Primary School Room 114

Curriculum News!

Reading and Writing

Reading Workshop

In the first few weeks of school, we have started to launch our reading workshop. We are continuing to build our reading stamina. We are up to 15 minutes of quiet, independent reading! We have shopped for classroom books to use at independent reading time.

Reading Tip for Home: Get your child excited to read! Tell stories orally, make a cool reading spot at home, read books to your child! All are great ways to get them excited about reading. The idea is that we keep them motivated and encourage them to have fun!!!

Writer's Workshop

In writer's workshop we completed a baseline writing pice to showcase our best writing practices. Your child has also organized a writing folder to keep their finished "to revise" work and "unfinished" work. They have a dictionary resource and an idea list also in their folders. We will continue to write personal narratives for all of September.

Writing Tip for Home: Encourage writing for Fun! Give your child a notebook, diary, journal, or sketchbook. Allow them to write or draw anything they pressure! This way, just like in reading, they are motivated and have ownership over their writing.

Math Minutes

We are currently working through Investigations Unit 1: Coins, Number Strings and Story Problems. We have been exploring filling a blank shape with pattern blocks, working with the number line and 100 chart and exploring coins and their values. We have played many games already, including Do we have 100? and Guess my Number on the Number Line. We have worked on several classroom routines such as Today's Number where we name a number several ways and Quick Images.

Math Tip for Home: Practice counting large amounts of objects (30-100). Good items to count that you can find in abundance include: pennies (or other coins), paper clips, or toothpicks.

Fundations ( Phonics/Word Study)

We are reviewing diagraphs ( sh, ch, th, wh, ck). We are also talking about blends. Ask your child how you tap out the sounds in a word. This is a strategy we use to help us spell.

Fundations Tip for Home- Make Spelling Fun! Use many different materials when working on spelling such as crayons, highlighter markers, colored pencils, pastels... ANYTHING! You can even try having your child trace words with Elmer's glue. When it dries, your child can practice spelling by tracing his/her finger over the ridges that the glue created. It's So fun and helps your child work on correct letter formation!

Other Subject Areas

We have spent a lot of time getting used to and practicing our second grade routines. We have also played many community building games. Our read aloud's have focused on friendship and respect to set the tone for a positive year ahead. We are learning how to write our first names in cursive and will being with lowercase "a" soon. We will begin our first Social Studies unit "Communities" in a week or so.

Classroom Community

We have been talking about safety and school rules. We have just finished creating our class rules poster. We have brainstormed rules together and are writing them together too! We have decided as a class on 5 rules that are the best for 2nd grade!

1) Take Care of Yourself

2) Take Care of Each Other

3) Treat property/materials respectfully

4) Be Respectful

5) Everyone gets to play and learn

Important Dates

9/26- VPS Picture Day

9/26-9/30- PTSA Book Fair

9/29- VPS Get Acquainted Night, 6:15pm

9/30- PTSA Fall Spirit Wear Orders Due

10/16- PTSA Family Movie Night- VIS

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In Other News...


How far can you jump? Mark a starting line (tape or chalk), then jump as far as you can and mark it, too.

Measure your long jump with a tape measure. Try again!


Play “REPEAT MY RHYTHM”! Take turns creating rhythm patterns with claps, stomps, taps, clicks, or any other sound you can make. Can everyone follow along with your rhythm?.

Recess- As long as it is not raining, we will continue going outside for recess. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for our ever-changing weather. You are welcome to send in an old sweatshirt that stays in our classroom to assure that they will not be chilly.

Get Acquainted Night- I look forward to meeting all families at "Get Aquainted Night" on Thursday, September 29th at 6:15pm. On this evening, I will share with you our daily schedule, and share a little bit about the second grade curriculum. This will be an information night for you to ask 2nd grade related questions.- This event is for both parents and students!

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Happy September Birthday to...

  • Kofi- 4th
  • Emma D.- 20th
  • Giuliana- 22nd

Ways to Contact Mrs. Reeder

(585) 924-3252 Ext: 2114

Thank you again for your continued support. I have enjoyed getting to know your child over the past couple weeks and this will be a productive and fun year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via phone or e-mail and I will get back to you in a timely manner!

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