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Hinduism is a polytheism religion founded by a group called Aryana's. It was originated in India. They raided the Indus Valley and conquered it. This religion has a holy book called the Vedes; four collections of hymns, rituals, and philosophy that was passed down orally. This religion was spread throughout the world. Hinduism believes in reincarnation and Karma. They practice meditation and following set of rules. Their code of conduct is dharma which is when you do the right thing. The true definition is "moral law." The Hinduism final resting place is moksha.
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This is called the "Om"

"Om is a syllable that of which all that exists is but the development"

Hinduism affects its followers in many ways

One way is that they can only talk to, marry, communicate to only other people that is in their caste. They're not aloud to talk to someone in another caste. Especially the untouchables. They are the lowest and treated the worst. They say that they're not even aloud to look at them. Another way is that Hindus always want to do the right thing and get moved up in the caste system. So they always do the right thing in their life. They're always good unless if they don't care if they get moved up so if they're bad they just move down in the caste system.
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