Lake Adventure

By Elijah B.

One Incredible Ecosystem

This is one of the most incredible ecosystems in the world. It is the lake. It has all kinds of producers / consumer, Ecosystems Facts, predators and prey, and abiotic and biotic factors.

Ecosystem Facts

A lake is a large body of water. Sometimes the lake is green because of the algae at the bottom of the lake. Did you know that there are about 10,000 lakes in the state of Minnesota. Have you ever wondered why so many fish that live in lakes? The reason is that most streams run under lake and keep going under it. That is why on your fish detector on your boat the fish travel at the bottom of the lake. It will get them wherever they want to go faster and easier. When you go fishing are you always wondering why your parents are always making you put your fishing line all the way to the bottom of the lake. It is because that is were all of the fish are.

producers / consumer

I am going to tell you about some producer and consumer relationships. A producer is something that is mostly green such as grass, algae, and lily pads. A consumer is something that eats other animals for food such as a fish, a frog, and a tadpole.

Abiotic And Biotic factors

I am going to tell you about some abiotic factors. An abiotic factors is something that is nonliving in an ecosystem. A way to remember what abiotic means is the a. The a stands for air. Air is nonliving. Such as water, sunlight, sand, and lily pads. A biotic factor is something that is living in an ecosystem. A way to remember biotic is the b. The b stands for bear. A bear is living. Some biotic factors are fish, algae, and lots of others.

Predators And Prey

A predator is a living animal that attacks other animals for food. Prey is a living animal in an ecosystem is that prays not to get eaten. Sometimes you get an animal that is both a predator and a prey. An example of a predator and prey relationship is fish to algae, frog to fly, bass to tadpole, catfish to clams or shells.