The Pony Express inc

Names of the Group Members

Mason Schoonover, Matt Johnson, Leo Crites, and Justin Owens
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The Pony Express is a food truck that goes around the major cities around the country. We sell make your own pony shoes with a variety of choices as a speciality. We also sell corn dogs, fries, burgers, ribs eyes, breakfast shoes, and hotdogs. Our drinks are pepsi products.

Description of Expences

We made a deal with the farms that we are going to buy all of the cooking supplies for 10,000 a month. We had to sign a contract that says we will buy from them for at least 10 years. The cleaning supplies and other items like spatulas will cost 5000 but only one time. Gas and other expenses we are estimating about 3000 per month. We want to get a gross profit of 75,000 per month at the start and build our way up in the business. That is a profit of 57,000 per month.

Starting the business

We are taking out a loan for 450,000 loan. The monthly payment is 10,261.57. The term is 4.000 at a interest rate of 4.5%.

Employee training

We look for people who know how to cook and are willing to travel. our employees will be taught how to cook certain meals and how to take orders and stock supplies no certifications needed.

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Buy or supplies

Our truck was bought from Salem motor homes. we converted the truck into a food truck. We went to Lowe's and got grills, microwaves, and tools for cooking. We buy our drinks from Pepsi and the cups and straws come with the deal. The food comes from local farms in Texas like, Blue Fox farms and Big Tex Trailer World. This makes the freshest foods and the locals love the native food. The cleaning supplies comes from swifter.

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We will plaster giant posters with our mission statement in every city we go to by calling the owner of the local billboards reserving a future sport for the time being we are there, and we will make a Twitter account called @ponyexpress.

Maintaining records

We will use the square app to scan credit cards.
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Business entity


Advantages-Get advice from more than one person. Two people contribute to the investment

Disadvantages-No protections for personal assets, if a partner dies then the partnership is dissolved
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Our Goals

100,000 in revenue in the first month

buy 3 new trucks

5000 sales per city we go to

travel 200,000 miles the first 6 months

500,000 gross in the first year

Mission statement Recording

Our job is to explore the state of Texas and provide delicious food for the people. We will make sure that our food is the best quality in the state.