Haynesfield Updates!

In-person Learning Information

Welcome Back In-person!

We are very excited to welcome our students back on campus. The following is information regarding specific details about what our in-person operational procedures will look like as we walk you through your child’s day. We want you to see exactly what these safety measures will look like for your child.

Please check out the following video for more information about our Operational Procedures.


Learning pathways should be selected by Friday, August 28th. Please review both the In-person and Remote Learning Guide to support your decision.

Please click HERE to make your child's pathway selection for in-person or remote. If you don't wish to change, no action is required.


Morning LEAPS will begin Monday, August 24th @ 6:45 AM. Please fill out the form if interested in your child attending the morning program.

Afternoon LEAPS is on hold for now. We will not have as many spots to allow for social distancing. That means going from 110 students to about 40. So those spots would go to the students with the biggest academic need. We do have some other options like Tennessee Ave, Boys and Girls Club, and YMCA. They have buses that pick our students up after school and take then to their facilities.

We will be screening students next week, and we will send letters to those who qualify.

Arriving at School

We encourage all families to take your child’s temperature each day before sending them to school. Students will have at least two temperature checks throughout the day. Bus riders will be checked upon entering the bus. We ask that parents remain close by the bus until the temperature check is complete. Additional safety measures for bus riders include: wearing a mask, sitting in an assigned seat with siblings, hand sanitizing, maintaining distancing as much as possible and disinfecting buses between transitions of students. Watch an information video here.

Students who arrive to school by car will have temperature checks before they enter the building. In the back car line, a staff member will take the child’s temperature at the car. Car riders may enter the back doors at 7:50 for arrival. Please note the time change from 7:45 to 7:50. Front doors will open at 8:00 for students to enter there. A staff member will be at the door to temperature check as well. Students will go straight to their classrooms unless they are eating breakfast. If your child needs to eat breakfast, they will go to the cafeteria to obtain their meal and take it to their classroom to eat. Students will not be going to the gym as in years past.

It is recommended that car riders exit vehicles independently from the back seat of the car on the passenger’s side. In order to help manage social distancing, parents will not be allowed to walk students to the door. You will notice staff spreading students out as much as possible while entering the building or waiting to go to class or breakfast.

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When you arrive at school notice that faculty and staff will be modeling the practice of wearing a mask. We strongly encourage families to talk to students about wearing a mask and how it keeps our school community healthy. At this time, students will be able to take masks off while eating and while in outdoor recess.


While in the classrooms teachers will make arrangements for students to have their own work supplies as much as possible. We encourage pencil boxes or pouches to keep materials clean and tidy. Students will have assigned seats that are social distanced as much as possible to complete work within their classrooms. Each classroom will have supplies to disinfect and conduct additional cleaning throughout the day.


Our hallways are marked with directional arrows and pathways to keep students safe while transitioning throughout the building. Students will be escorted from one area to another by a staff member while observing and practicing social distancing measures. Routines have been established and schedules implemented to move students from one location to the other while minimizing interactions with other grade levels and keep traffic flow in one direction as much as possible. Students will practice transition routines for safety when returning to school.

Our drinking fountains are not is use; however, water bottle filling stations will remain open. We encourage each child to bring a water bottle to use after recess, after PE, at lunch or for other times throughout the school day.


Yes, we will be having recess; however, school will be maximizing the use of their campus to assign classes a designated play area. Students will be playing in their designated homeroom groups to minimize exposure across the school. Elementary students are permitted to remove mask when outdoors. Students will be asked to sanitize hands, before and after recess. Our playground equipment will be disinfected additional times throughout the day. Our playground will be closed after school for cleaning and to reduce exposure between grade levels.

Hand sanitizing

We all know how important hand sanitizing is and always has been. At Haynesfield Elementary students will have increased opportunities to sanitize their hands. Students will be sanitizing their hands upon entry to the building, before and after lunch, before and after recess, before and after transitions to related arts classrooms, and other times throughout the school day to ensure if they are transitioning from once space to another, they are doing so with clean hands.


The return to school has students and families feeling a wide range of emotions. Our school counselor, Courtney Combs, will have regularly scheduled meetings with students in small groups and individually to help them communicate feelings and implement strategies to regulate their emotions.

Updated counseling SMORE/Newsletter


Counseling request form for if students, parents, or teachers want to schedule a time to talk with the counselor.



Our school has a designated isolation space in addition to our clinic for students who are running a fever or showing other symptoms. This space will allow students to be evaluated and supported while away from other students. Students who have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be sent home. When students return to school following an illness, they should check in with the school administration to ensure proper communication with health officials.


We will be increasing spacing in our cafeteria and allowing students to eat outside when possible. K-2 students will eat in the cafeteria and will have assigned seats. Grades 3-6 will be eating in their classrooms to help with cohorting, spacing, and scheduling.

We are not able to have visitors in the cafeteria to minimize exposure to our students.


In order to minimize exposure, visitors are not allowed in the building at this time.


We want to continue to keep our students safe as we send them back home to you. To ensure as much social distancing as possible, our dismissal will look a little different for students. Grades K-3 and their older siblings will still dismiss in the back parking lot. 4th-6th graders without a younger sibling will continue to dismiss out the front door.

For K-3, parents will still file into the parking lot the same as in years past. Students will still be brought to your car and you will still wait on a staff member to direct you to exit the parking lot. Our students will be called from their classroom instead of the gym and will be doing a little different procedure on the inside; therefore, possibly making dismissal times last a little longer. We ask for patience, grace, and flexibility as we navigate the changes we need to make to our dismissal procedures.

(You will not be pulling up to the cones to have students loaded, we will load cars while they are in the three-wide lanes. The line closest to the fence will exit out the new parking lot onto Edgemont Avenue, while the middle lane and sidewalk lane will exit straight out onto Bluff City Highway.)

4th-6th graders will also be called from their classrooms, again possibly causing a longer dismissal time frame. Parents will continue to follow the same protocol as last year, which is filling the outside lane of the front parking and waiting for your student to get to your car.

As usual, please have your car tag hanging from the rear view mirror to help us be quicker in the process. New car tags for grades K-5 should have been in the material you picked up last week. 6th graders will get their tags on Monday. Car numbers should be the same as last year.

K-3 Dismissal Back Parking Lot

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4-6 Dismissal Front of School

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Virtual Open House-August 27th

Do you want to know more about your child's school day, take a peek into your child's classroom and learn about grade level expectations? If so, this night is for you! Additional details forthcoming.

We are #haynesfieldstrong!

We are working to keep the students and staff safe at Haynesfield and to give you as much information as possible. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher, Mrs. Hardin, or Mr. Sproles. Thank you for your continued support and for discussing safety measures with your child. We appreciate you partnering with us to ensure the safety of our Haynesfield community.

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BTCS Meal Program

With in-person learning resuming on Monday, please note that our meal pick-up location and times are changing.

The only meal pick-up location is Vance Middle School on the Columbia Avenue side. Meals will be available from 4-6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Each student will also receive a free supper. Please pay careful attention to the following information as it is different for remote students and middle and high school in-person students.

· Five-day per week remote learners may pick up meals on Tuesdays AND Thursdays.

· Tennessee High and Vance students who are in-person learners may pick up their meals on the following day:

o students with last names M-Z may pick up meals on Tuesdays.

o students with last names A-L may pick up meals on Thursdays.

Please go to the district website at btcs.org and click on Food Services for more details about the meal program.