Field Day

@ Southern Boone Elementary

Field Day - Friday, May 20, 2016

Southern Boone Elementary students will be participating in a field day on Friday, May 20, 2016. Field Day will take place on the playground and surrounding field areas. We are asking that each classroom wear a specific colored shirt (list below). Students may want to apply sunscreen that morning and bring a water bottle. We are also looking for parent volunteers to walk with their child's class from station to station. Sign-up at the following link: (

Grade Level Times:

5th Grade: 8:10-9:15am

4th Grade: 9:15-10:20am

3rd Grade: 10:20-11:25am

Class Shirt Colors!

Red - Wilson, Bange, Levery

Black- Flaspohler, Sickmeier, Reid

Orange- Binkley, Troth, Kuhrts

Grey- Condron, Nussbaum, Weter

Green- Palmer, Bortz, Newland

Blue - Jenkins, Tipton