What is eugenics?

Eugenics is the attempt to improve the human species through selective breeding.

It is a social philosophy promoting the improvement of human traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired traits, and reduced reproduction of less desired traits.


Eugenics has remained a very controversial subject. It reached its peak in popularity in the early 1900's. During this time eugenics was practiced world wide, with many countries enacting several policies and programs enforcing eugenics. These included birth control, genetic screening, marriage restictions, segregation, forced abortions, and genocide. Many individuals and families were classified and segregated, including the blind, deaf, poor, disabled, homosexuals, promiscuous women, and entire racial groups. These people were seen as degenerates, or "unfit" for society. These people would be sterilized and euthanized to cease the reproduction of people with these undesirable traits.

Eugenics didn't become largely abandond until after World War II, because it became associated with Nazi-Germany.

Top Influences on Eugenics